Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stash Busting Report Week #11

I was doing real good in the stash busting effort until last Saturday rolled around! I went to two LQS and JAF. oh boy! At JAF, I brought backing for two charity quilts with that 40% off coupon...sometimes it just gets the better of me. The local Ben Franklin (and a very nice quilting store) was having a 'Meet the Authors' Day so I wanted to check out and see if anyone would be suitable to teach a workshop or give a lecture at day guild. Well...I 'needed' yardage for the border of the green/white Pineapple Blossom I'm making and DD had on her 'Sparty' green coat so I had her stand next to all the bolts of fabric while I made my choice. I also had a $5.00 off coupon for $25.00 purchase and a gift certficate for $20.00. Of course the border fabric was only about $18.00 so what's a girl to do? I 'needed' to get to the $25.00 mark to use the second coupon, right? With all that said, my report is as follows:
  • fabric received in: 13.5 yards
  • fabric used: 8.0 yards
  • net for week: +5.5 yards

Net total for year to date: -13.5 yards (used)

What I accomplished this week:

  • made 40 postcards for day guild give-away
  • sewed bindings onto 'Leaves' and 'Florida' quilts (pictures of finishes to follow once I can get my quilt holder to hold :))
  • pieced 20/24 green/white pineapple blossom blocks
  • dropped and picked up 'Putzy' from Juli (my LA-er)

Goals for next week:

  • sew binding (front and back) to Putzy
  • piece green/white top to a flimsy
  • piece charity quilt

I'm counting the 'Leaves' quilt in with the stash used as it is a UFO from last year but I've already counted in the yardage from 'Florida' . I hope to do better this week and need to stay away from the fabric stores!


Sue R said...

Isn't it fun being a little naughty once in a while? But you've got a plan for everything, right? Can't wait to see the Pineapple Blossom! That's on my list to do sometime also!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Everyone's stash reports are making me tired--you all have gotten so much done. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your pineapple blossom.

Karen said...

Pat, I notice you are from WI. So am I! I am in Oak Creek. Were these teachers at the Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc?

KathySWFL said...

Sounds like you did pretty good in the coupon/purchasing department this week. I know what you mean about those JAF coupons..mine are always screaming at me to use them!