Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ardith!

Today is Ardith's Birthday and a few of the girls celebrated by going out to lunch. It was a yummy lunch and the cake was even better!

So what do you give to someone who has just about everything??? A box of cigars? no....

...a cigar box full of fabric postcards! Ardith really liked the postcards I made for guild so I decided to make her a few for different occasions. I included a black pigma pen for writing on the back of the cards, some Forever stamps and a pressing cloth for setting the ink. I didn't see Ardith open her gift but I hope she likes it.
Happy Birthday, Ardith! :0)


Pam said...

Fun idea! I give my sister a box of handmade cards each year for either her bday or Christmas...she is craftily-challenged (her self appointed label, not one I gave her) but loves giving handmade gifts...maybe she will be getting some fabric ones in her next box??


Linda_J said...

How very clever of you, Pat! Any quilter should enjoy that gift.

I love the birthday crown--does the honoree always have to wear one at your parties?

JoAnne said...

Great idea (the postcards)! Why were you making them for you guild back in March? Inquiring minds want to know!