Friday, June 13, 2008

A Sigh of Relief with this Finish

A week ago Thursday when the flooding rains began, the power blinked off and on in the wee hours of the morning. I had not unplugged Valerie and was beginning to wonder if any damage had been done to her motherboard. While I had tops here to quilt, there wasn't one that I was willing to 'sacrifice' in case Valerie had serious damage done. So I decided to piece a Mary's Quick Strippie quilt. On Wednesday, I cut the strips. I 'tweak' Mary's pattern a tad and cut the focus fabric at 7.5 inches to get the length to approximately 60 inches. On Thursday afternoon, I pieced the top. This afternoon and evening, I quilted and bound this quilt. I'm happy to report that Valerie was working just fine and I haven't seen any ill effects from the power on/off. I quilted it with the Ebb and Flow panto from Willow Leaf Studio. It was the first time I used this panto and I really like the coverage. I even took a picture from the back so you could get an idea of the quilting. On the other hand, my Brother is having all sorts of tension issues with her decorative stitches. Better the Brother than Valerie as the Brother Dealer is closer than the Gammill Dealer :)

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Cheryl said...

It looks like you are adding inches to your quilt quicker than we are adding inches of rain to our gardens- and that's quite an accomplishment!
We're very lucky that our home is kinda at the top of a hill, and that we have lightening quick drainage to our soil here, so we are safe from flooding. It looks like things are finally clearing up, so hopefully you won't have any catastrophes either....