Friday, July 25, 2008

Border Dilemma

I finally finished piecing the inside portion of the pink and blue quilt and now I have a border dilemma.

I was going to use this blue scroll-y fabric on white but after reading Jacquie's post, I wondered if a scrappy border would look better? I have pieces of pink already cut to make a scrappy binding.

Thanks to Cheryl who has passed this sweet award onto me! Cheryl and I meet online through JudyL's blog, only to discover that we live about 10 miles from each other and belong to the same night Guild! What a small world! Cheryl does beautiful crazy quilting that I admire for the absolute intricacies and precision of her work. It just WOWS you in person. I enjoy Cheryl's friendship so much that I volunteered to help her in the guild programs department in the coming year! Thanks Cheryl for this award!


JoAnne said...

I like the scrappy border best! Lookin' good.

Linda_J said...

The blue seems a bit light, Pat and I think that is why you are having a problem with it?? I love the scrappy border though. Could you put the blue on the back of the quilt so you can bust some more stash?

AND the body of the quilt looks terrific. Sure wish I knew where that pattern came from to credit the designer but the person who posted it didn't indicate it either or leave contact information. You did good!

cher said...

what a great looking top Pat! yep, the scrappy border looks better

Jacquie said...

now you already know i'm border challenged, but on this one i think i like the has the same "feeling" as the quilt. mine turned out to be a scrappy binding...i'll be back to see what you decide. i'm sure it will look great.