Friday, July 18, 2008

A 'Squishy', the First Cut and a Give Away

Faith, at Nutbud Quilter is going through a difficult time right now. Mama Spark thought it would be fun to send her some 'LOVE Squishies'. Faith is a hand quilter who loves applique and brights so here is the picture of what's in my 'LOVE Squishy'. If you wish to join in, e-mail me or Mama Spark and we will share Faith's snail mail address :)

The FAB's are having a Wacky Challenge and this is the piece of fabric we are working with. The deadline is August 1 (or earlier, if possible). I know that two of the FAB's have their Challenges done and the other two are almost done, so here I am dragging my feet :( I've changed my mind at least a dozen times on what to make...the challenge is to make something for everyday life and not a quilt! and use a piece of every fabric in the 1/2 yard cut. Well, the first cut is the hardest and I've taken the first step...but now to the store as I need a notion I didn't realize!

Are you interested in a Quilt Give Away? Hop on over the The Old Red Barn Company and find out how to enter! I'll be joining in with about 1500 other commentors, so far :)


Silverthimble said...

I just got back from the post office. I mailed Cher's FAB challenge. I am like you, I changed my mind so many times before I decided what to make. Then when I made a decision and it was finished, I kept thinking I needed to add something more to it. Finally, I just mailed it as is. This is supposed to be fun--not stressful. As Pam would say, IIWII!

cher said...

it's fine to be the last one can be hard to make up your mind!
send me this gal's info and I will pop a love package into the mail to her...always happy to send brights to a fellow brights quilter!