Monday, September 15, 2008


First: Talked to my Mom and she, in turn, had talked to Brother #1. Both Brother and SIL made it fine through Hurricane Ike (they live north of Houston) and have decided to evacuate to their daughter's apartment in San Antonio. Their area is without power and they are unsure of when the power will be back on. Brother #1 took his laptop and will be able to work where ever he can find the wi-fi to plug into. Thanks for all the well wishes that helped keep my family safe during the hurricane. They have lived in Texas for over 30 years and I never remember them evacuating before this one. The did try to leave when Rita was approaching a few years ago, but the roads were so crowded that they turned around and stayed hunkered down in their home.

Second: How many projects is too many to take on a 3 day retreat?
Right now, I have 5 bags. I have a funny feeling one or two will be staying home! I don't know if you can tell or not, but I was busy cutting my reds and blues into strips for QOV's and I have one bag with green/gold combination for a Packer quilt. Hey, what can I say? I live in Wisconsin and just about everyone LOVES the Packers :)


Sue R said...

Pat, I'm glad to hear your brother and his family are okay. One evac in 30 years isn't bad.

LOL, nothing wrong with taking 2 or 10 projects with you for the retreat! I always overpack too! Have fun!

Linda said...

So glad your family made it out of the area! Will continue to keep them in thoughts & prayers!
I have never been on a quilting retreat, but I doubt I could get one project done, let alone 5! LOL You Go Girl! Hope you have a WONDERFUL time!