Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Table Toppers

No, it's not Mickey Mouse in fabric!

Here are my table toppers that I made over the past few days. The table toppers are inspired by a pattern by Libby Lehman (sorry, couldn't find a link online of where to buy the pattern). I made the large one first and it is too big to fit on the side tables by the recliners in the family room. I then made the next size down and wa-la, it fits! I only wished that I hadn't used the medium brown as the outer border as it blends in with the wooden top of the table. EDIT: Pattern by Genii Lehmann.
I used fall leaves as the front and a Christmas print as the backing. The Christmas fabric was gifted to me a few years ago when my MIL was cleaning out a closet and discovered a box full of Christmas and other novelty fabric. At one point, she was going to make re-usable bags for gifts instead of gift wrap. She is way ahead of her time on 'Going Green'!

Here is one of the toppers on the side table!


Stephanie D. said...

Those look great! I like having things like that reversible. I made DD a tablerunner once that is a maple leaf pattern on the front, and poinsettia fabric on the back. She still uses it!

jacquie said...

they are really cute and so practical...but now all i can see is mickey!

Karen said...

Wow, I guess it surprises me if it is a Libby Lehman pattern, since she is known for her threadwork. They are really cool though. You did a great job!

Chris' Shady Grove said...

I love your table toppers!

Sue R said...

Fine idea, Pat, they look very nice. Reversible is an excellent idea too.

Linda_J said...

I meant to comment about these the other day. The one with the lamp shows the size of the piece much more clearly.

Goofy me, when I saw them laid out in sets of 3 I thought it looked like Mickey Mouse ears, LOL.