Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That

A mixed bag of happenings here today.

First up

I pulled some novelty fabric for Lori today. She was making Happy Blocks for HeartStrings and I volunteered to send her some novelties. (My loss is her gain...hehehe...in Stash Busting!) I also cut into a few of the novelty yardage that has been hanging around the sewing room, hoping to be made into grocery bags. Not sure when that is going to happen...so be on the lookout for a package Lori.

The FAB Challenge #2

Clue #2: Really can't tell a lot can you? LOL
Pretty blue with the Tropical Camo, right? And do you spy a little black, perhaps?

Clue #3: Trying my hand at Foundation Paper Piecing. I had to *frog* my first two seams. Ummm...not a great start but I will stick with it. This is another item from my Personal Growth List. I might just rename it 'My Quilting Bucket List'. Yeah...quilting techniques to try before I expire from the quilting world!

These segments took 6.5 inches of the Tropical Camo. Left to use: 6.5 inches.

T-Shirt quilt update:

A fabric selection was made for the framing strips. I washed and cut the strips and are now ready to be sewn to the t-shirts. I am following Linda J's 'Sorta T-shirt Tutorial' found HERE. Linda has been very helpful and generous with her time and knowledge helping through this project with pictures, e-mails and chatting. Thanks Linda :)
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Pam said...

Stars? Points? hmmmm....LOL you are a terrible tease...but I love it already!!! whoo hoo!! it's for ME ME ME...can't wait to see just what it is you are creating~just for me!!!


Lori in South Dakota said...

ROFL--you mean the FIRST additions to my stash this year will be your novelties? I will have to sew them up right away! I like the fabrics you have pulled for your t-shirt quilt.

Linda_J said...

Cool! That check will look good with shirts. Remember how I didn't like the gingham I had to use on Paige's quilt--well, it turned out to be the best choice with all the gray and red shirts she had.

As for the challenge, it has to be some form of star or sunburst. Either would convey summer. I like the name Quilting Bucket list---maybe you came up with the official name of this personal challenge we FABs are doing! Foundation piecing gets easier but even experienced ones can have to frog. Ask me how I know.

Stephanie D. said...

You really did dabble in a lot of stuff yesterday! So productive!