Friday, March 27, 2009

A Friday Finish

DD is home with a headache and temperature. She helped to stuff the comfort pillows and I sewed them closed.

Here are my four completed tote bags for the local Breast Cancer Hospital Center. I thought maybe the fabric choices were too light and would show the dirt but this fabric has been in my stash for awhile waiting to be used. I originally received both 2 yard cuts when I completed quilts on Dana Jones' Quilt Index site many years ago...she has long since stopped her website. Dana used to offer free patterns and had online stores 'sponsor' each pattern. I used to snail mail her pictures of my completed quilts using her patterns and 'free' fabric would arrive back in my snail mailbox! What a deal! I wonder whatever happened to Dana and her Mall Crawl?! Her site was one of my first introductions to the wonderful web and all that was available! :)
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Stephanie D. said...

Those are pretty! And if they're light, so what? They're washable!