Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sew Happening Thursday

Ten ladies from Day Guild attended the Sew Happening. Four with machines, one was cutting fabric and the five others shared the tasks of pressing, pinning and stuffing the comfort pillows. I was a presser/pinner today.

We finished a total of 12 bags. Pretty impressive for 2.5 hours worth of work! Two ladies each took home a bag to finish up and bring back to April's Guild meeting. I had taken 5 kits and came home with 4...think I better be sewing up my kits before I *forget* exactly what they are suppose to be or how the totes are assembled. :)

One gal was giving away blocks and I snagged these paper pieced kids! She had thought the blocks could be pieced into bags but I'm thinking, maybe a quilt?!

I could see framing around the blocks to bring them to 9 inches then maybe 9 patch connector blocks (with a 9 patch in the center) and a border. This would be a smallish quilt...maybe only 36x36.

Any ideas on how to set 4 blocks? Sometimes one idea settles into my brain and I can't *think* of anything else. :) Does that ever happen to you?! :)


Stephanie D. said...

Cute blocks! Did everyone love the cinnamon quick bread?

I like the table toppers, too--so pretty!

Greenmare said...

yes! frame them just like you said with nine patch connectors. that would be a wonderful Linus quilt! they are CUTE
and good job all of you on the bags!!!

Cher said...

I am not awake enough this am to be of any help with ideas on setting-adorable blocks. very nice table toppers Pat...great job

Laurie said...

I'm doing a 4-patch connector block that would work great with these. 4 4-patches in each block with a center square. Why is it so hard to describe a block? In my block everything is cut 2..5 inch square except for the long 4 (2.5 x4.5) pieces between the 4-patches.

Chris said...

I'm afraid I'm not much help. I see a border.