Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stash Report Week #15

Well, I did some sewing this week but no finishes. Here is my report:

Fabric added this week: 4 yards
Fabric added this year: 31 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this year: -76 yards

Net fabric this year: -45 yards (used)

What I accomplished this week:
  • pieced Hollywood BQ to a flimsy
  • started quilting Hollywood BQ

Goals for next week:

  • finish quilting Hollywood BQ
  • bind Hollywood BQ
  • work on an UFO

The Hollywood BQ was a good choice to work on this week as it is a fast quilt made up of *big* 18 inch blocks. I needed something fast and easy! Since the kids are on Spring Break, I thought I would pull out an UFO and work towards moving one along. (yes, like most quilters...there are more than a few UFO's hiding around the sewing room. I'm just really good at ignoring them!)

I want to wish everyone a JOYOUS PASSOVER and HAPPY EASTER...enjoy your CELEBRATION!

Photo from Google Search 'cute bunnies'


Stephanie D. said...

Me, I got nothing done but taxes and sleeping this week!

I love lop-eared bunnies! We used to have a black one named Sabrina, and she had such personality! She knew right where the carrots were kept, and would hop over to the fridge and just sit on her hind legs, begging for one! She was litter-box trained, though in the late spring, summer, and early fall, she lived in her cage outside, with frequent backyard runs and hops.

Linda_J said...

I tried commenting yesterday but computer was not happy so I'll give it another whirl.

You got that BQ done in record time, Pat. Cool focus fabric and large, large blocks help but what I can't believe is how quickly you got the backing on plus loaded and probably now, completely quilted!

You are doing great with your stash buster totals with definitely more used than purchased. Woohoo!

Hope your other half of the family is home safely from their trip.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Pulling out a UFO is HARD! Love the Hollywood BBQ quilt.