Thursday, May 21, 2009

Starry Squares Finished

I decided to leave the 4 units that were made together and sew each as a bigger unit. I then had a brilliant idea to move all the blue blocks to the middle then alternate white and red around the perimeter of the quilt. Only I didn't like the concentration of red in the corner as I had more red blocks then white blocks. I followed Mary's pattern for Boxed Squares for making this quilt.

With a little re-arranging I thought this design looked pleasing. After I sewed it all together, I realized that is it almost the same as when the blocks were not sewn on the design flannel! I guess I just like strong diagonal lines in my quilts :) I decided to use more 2.5 inch (unfinished) strips as the border treatment. The border is okay but, next time I would cut the white down to 1.5 inch (unfinished) as I like the look of a smaller, thinner inner border~again...just a personal preference!

I quilted it with the Ebb and Flow panto from Willow Leaf Studio.
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