Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Quilting Goals 2009

Labor Day signals the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall for me. I accomplished most of my Summer Quilting Goals (scroll down to find the list :)) but there are a couple of carry-overs. With the Holiday Season approaching, I have more projects *to do*. There is my nephew's wedding reception in October, two nephews who asked for quilts--yes I am a mean Aunt and insist if a niece or nephew would like a quilt--she/he must ask for one!--and two commissioned quilts, along with my various other sewing activities. In no particular order and since I work better with a list, here is mine:

Fall Quilting Goals 2009
  • DS's bed quilt
  • DS's t-shirt quilt
  • Weddding gift
  • Christmas A
  • Christmas B
  • Christmas C
  • Christmas D
  • Green crumb
  • QOV--Alycia
  • Halloween (for me!)
  • Christmas Strip Twist--FAB Retreat project (for me! again)
  • assorted Christmas gifts
  • Wacky FAB Challenge #3--'Baby It's Cold Outside' mail date 2-1-2010

Thought I better include the next FAB Challenge as due dates tend to sneak up on me!

My list sorta reminds me of the old saying---

'How do you eat an elephant?! One bite at a time, of course!' :)


Infinity Quilter said...

That's quite a big list, but I know you can do it!!! After all, you don't need to sleep right?!?! Good luck!

Linda_J said...

Wow, Pat! I am tired already just reading that but I know you a fast piecer and do quite well when you set goals for yourself. Not many carry overs from that summer list proves that point.

I love the elephant saying--very fitting!

SueR said...

Big list there. I figure you'll have it all done in about a month!

Cher said...

looking at your list - wow! I will be rooting you on girl...!