Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Sewing for Me!

I decided to make my Spring purse from the book, 'Simple and Sensational Purses from Placemats by Ricki Bremer'. I also made a couple of Wonder Wallets~a little worried that the yellow will show dirt but if they do~I'll make more in a darker color. lol.

Since the book was out, the walking foot was on Baby and all the fabric for the 'Fish' purse was out~I decided to go ahead and make that one for summer. I'm going to look for a better way to close it though. The 'Pansy' purse placemat is a little bigger and more flimsy~so I'm not real happy on how it closes. Will need to give it some thought on a better closing system...I'm debating on trying to put a zipper in...gasp!
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Sweet P said...

Love the totes!

Pam said...

Way too too cute! Way too cute! When my WW's get dirty I just spray with spray-n-wash and toss in the washer- works fine!

Linda_J said...

A zipper? Surely not, not you, LOL.

Those purses are adorable, Pat. You will definitely be stylin' and getting lots of comments from fellow shoppers.