Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Here!

Mother Nature had a bit of a hiccup overnight and gave us here at Bell Creek Quilts just a little taste of snow and cold for Spring!

I only accomplished 5 items on my Winter Projects list out of 11 but I did sew off in a few tangents over the course of the Winter. So, all in all, not too bad of an outcome. I'm happy with the time and projects I did complete this quarter. :)

I'll be back with a Spring Project list~when I prioritize and change (!) what projects I need to focus on.

In the meantime, Happy Spring and Happy National Quilting Day! :)

ps. Miss Daisy left her tennis ball on the deck so now it is a *frozen snow ball*
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Sweet P said...

ooops . . . mother nature seems to be playing cruel tricks with a lot of people today. I won't tell you how nice it is here today.

Anonymous said...

yikes! that's quite a 'welcome to spring'!?


Linda_J said...

ack! more snow as if you had not have enough this year. Well, this time of year it melts off quickly?

Judy S. said...

We barely escaped this blip as we were in Chicago/MPLS last week for our niece's wedding and hit a stretch of unusually balmy weather!