Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I did a few different things today for WIP Wednesday.

1. I went and had my annual mammogram except I was about 4 months late. The procedure was relatively painless and took about 30 minutes~total time commitment. I'm talking register, change my clothes, have the x-rays, the x-rays read, change back into my street clothes and in the minivan heading back home! I wonder *why* I put it off for so long!? If it is time for your mammogram~just do it!

2. I machined sewed the binding onto the great-niece quilt. I quilted it with Ebb and Flow from Willow Leaf Studio. Now the hand work and labeling remains.

3. I also pieced a quilt for the great-nephew. This car print has been hanging around the sewing room for a long time~another *dinosaur* :) This is leftover from our days as intense Nascar we are just lukewarm on the sport. Funny how the interests seem to ebb and flow! :)

Well, I couldn't give a quilt to the baby and not one to the older brother, right?!
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Anonymous said...

it is really cool that you are making a quilt for the older brother, too :) apat2

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Sounds exactly right to me! Way to go!

Stephanie D. said...

Those are just as cute as they can be!