Saturday, July 31, 2010

How I Make Labels...

Karen asked me about *How I Make My Labels*. I usually make what I call an envelope style and thought I would share my process here.

First: I decide on the front of the label. In this example~I fused a muslin heart onto a background.
Second: I pin the label front to the label back...right sides together.
Third: I stitch 1/4 inch from the edge of the label front.
Fourth: I trim.
Fifth: I carefully cut an *X* in the back of the label. Making sure that I don't also cut the label front!
Sixth: Turn right side out, poking the corner out as much as possible.
Seventh: I press the label flat.
Eight: Since I fused the heart on, I stitch around the heart~securing it.
Nine: The label is ready to write on with a Micron Pigma pen. I like the broader tip~o8. After writing my message, I heat set the writing with a pressing cloth and dry iron.

Ten: Your label is ready to be sewn onto your quilt!

Some other *labels* I have made.
Printed on the ink jet printer then framed with fabric from the front of the wall hanging.
Another framed label but with a handwritten message.
A Square in a Square label with handwritten message.
For awhile, I would fold a 6 inch square of muslin on the diagonal then sew the two unfinished edges into the binding. That leaves
just the finished bias edge to sew down.
A new twist~have label sewn to quilt but never wrote the info on it. :)
Lately, if the quilt is for me or *someone* I think might remove the label~I just go ahead and *ink* the back of the quilt with information.
That's it! How I label my quilts, when I *do* label them, that is! :)
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Linda_J said...

Cool, Pat! Thanks for the tutorial. I have also done that fold a muslin square in half thing lately---when I don't have to use the pre-printed WTIL label for the donation quilts, that is.

Yours look so much more interesting!

Judy S. said...

Very informative, Pat. Lately I've put 2 sides of my lable under the binding; they don't come off then very easily!

Mama Spark said...

I sew around the label and leave a space open to turn. You can close the space at the same time you sew the label on. I like the 6" corner piece and may nave to try that. thanks for the tip.