Tuesday, September 7, 2010

National Sewing Month~Day 7

Day 7 and I joined the 6.5 inch Chaos Crumb blocks into 12.5 inch blocks. My friend, Linda commented that they look like *jewels*. I like that...from now on (if I remember), the Chaos Crumb blocks will be known as Jewel Blocks! One tutorial for making jewel blocks can be found here.

Next up: add the sashings, cornerstones and border.
On a totally different, yet crafty menu.

A 51st Anniversary card for my in-laws. Shh...please don't spill the beans as their Anniversary is this weekend. :) I am a beginner card maker as you can tell from the picture but, hey, we all have to start somewhere! lol It appears my *wonkiness* applies to card making, too. I have trouble *lining things up straight*! My friend, Maureen (craft blog here and travel blog here) is a great inspiration for card making. She links to Stamping 411 blog~which has oodles and oodles of card making ideas!
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Mama Spark said...

I love how this crumb quilt came out and I really like your card! I'm betting they will too.