Monday, November 29, 2010

Stash Report Week #48

My MIL gifted me 8 yards of the cow fabric! The only stipulation is that I make her a table runner from the fabric...I think I can do that! Now to start researching a table runner pattern that will work with the directional cows :)

I also added a yard each of the purple and teals. DD suggested a purple Treasures Quilt for the Christmas exchange with green sashings but when I saw this purple and teal on the sale rack...well, it just followed me home for this project.

Fabric added this week: +10 yards
Fabric added this year: +294 yards

Fabric used this week: -1 yard
Fabric used this year: -398 yards

Net fabric for the year: -104 yards

What I accomplished this week:

Goals for next week:

  • work on Christmas gifts!

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Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

You're going the wrong way!!! You can easily use up 4 yards before the end of the year....but no more adding! ;0)

Linda_J said...

I can see why your MIL wanted an apron from that too cute cow fabric! Here I was picturing Holsteins but this is way cuter. You may need to keep the fabric whole or fairly whole and do your piecing around it??

NeverBored said...

The cow fabric is just way too cute! I'd have wanted it myself. Pattern for its use in a table runner: how about "Hole in the Barn Door" ? (I'm a sucker for word play)