Friday, December 24, 2010

A Few More Gifts

I made a few more backpacks and gifted them to a few members of my family. One is a Hostess Gift~to our party hostess. The others went to my *out of town* relatives for the *After Party Party*. An unusual tradition that my family keeps. After the large family Chiristmas Party, all the *out of town*ers gather at my Mom's house and exchange gifts~again!

Although *no one* claims to know exaclty how the *After Party Party* started, I theorize it began as a way for my brother and his family to celebrate their Christmas while away from their home when the children were small. :) Their children are no longer small but the *out of towners* gather at my Mom's and exchange small gifts to each other.

I also made some luggage tags to go along with the backpacks.

Let's not forget the potato steamer bags, too for this group!
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Linda_J said...

No wonder you were still busily stitching away the last few days before the holiday! Prolific girl there, Pat! I bet everybody loved whichever giftie they received from you.

Merry Christmas my friend!