Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I started a new purple and pink quilt inspired by a joking Mark Santorelli. Can purple really be a guy's favorite color, I wonder?

The pattern is inspired by a quilt found here. So far, I'm not loving it. I am down to the dregs in purple (and pinks, too) but I brought more pink (and purple for sashing) last week to give the top a more cohesive look. I think with the scrappy purple blocks...scrappy pink included into the mix would have been sensory overload! Maybe I'll be liking it more once I get more blocks made and the new purple sashing sewn together.

Find more design wall inspiration at JudyL's Patchwork Times.

Well, I ought to work on *something * that is due. I made the hanging sleeve and label/pouch for the my Beanie Baby Challenge. I will sew the label/pouch and since the quilt will only hang for a short while before it is donated~safety pins to attach the hanging sleeve. The Beanie Baby Challenge quilts from the Oconomowoc Quilt Guild will hang at the Ben Franklin for the month of March 2011, I think.
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Anonymous said...

It's a good'll probably like it better when it is done! lol


Pam said...

I like it! keep plugging along and you might find you like it more and more.

Linda_J said...

I like it---the purple looks like dots and dashes. I like the rail fence variation but you may be right about needing something to be a cohesive element. Maybe it will grow on you?

The bubbles will be perfect for the fishy quilt. You shopped wisely so that counts!

Greenmare said...

now how cool is that? I wish I was just a little closer, I'd love to be one of the Oconomowoc quilters!!

Alycia said...

I like it so far. I like the sleeping cow too LOL