Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I finished adding the borders to my jr1600 last Saturday but this is pretty much what has been done quilt wise.

I did quilt the t*shirt quilt and now the hand work remains but no picture. Photos to follow in a later post. :)

I also loaded my friend's quilt. I neglected to ask the size and yup...bigger than I am used to at about 85 x 95. wowza! I was going to start the quilting today but an unexpected snowfall combined with a non-working snow blower and broken shovel had me running to the hardware store to drop off the snow blower.

Miss Daisy Dog also had a grooming appointment. More time away from the sewing room.

That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Many thanks to DD for letting me borrow her laptop as our main computer is still gone. I think to add photos to the blog from the iPad that I need a photo share app~just not sure which one. Any recommendations, anyone?


Pam said...

Ack!! already quilted your tshirt quilt! you are miles ahead of me...I still have not been shopping to get the needed fabric for shadows and background....sigh

Your JR1600 looks FABulous with borders! whoo hoo!


Linda_J said...

The border really helped to corral all that business with the strips. Hurray for getting the t-shirt quilting done.

I know how other things can distract you as I have spent the day doing all kinds of little cleanup tasks and errands. Now I am completely out of the notion of doing anything creative.

Hope you are not without the computer long. They can be such pains sometimes.

Lori said...

Jelly roll race quilt looks like fun. Maybe I'll head to the sewing room and see what kind of trouble I can get in...

Mama Spark said...

Love this Pat!! I have one going like this as a Leader/Ender. Nice to see it done!!

Meerkat said...

HI, I also made one of these Jelly Roll quilts last Friday. Just need to put some borders on. It was fun to do. Your's looks great!

Greenmare said...

oh I am loving the blue!!! and why didn't you take Kona along with Maisy??? she really needs her nails trimmed and I am waaaaaaaaaaay too chicken to do it! did you get tons of snow? we did, but thank goodness it's starting to melt!