Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Today I quilted my friend, Cathy's Round Robin quilt. She had given me permission to do 'whatever' I wanted with it! I feel as if I committed several crimes against quilting with this challenge piece. The first thing I did was sew down the it wouldn't flap back on the backtrack portion of the panto. The second thing I did was sew right over the applique and couching...double gasp! Don't come looking for me! I'm hiding from the quilt police!

I must be in an ornery mood~wait till you see what I did to my Star UFO I pulled out of the closet to work on! Let me warn you~points just aren't as important to me now as they were about 9 years ago! :)

The Angel Wings panto from Willow Leaf Studio. It took me 4 months to figure out what to sew on this. I decided to go with the somewhat 'Garden Theme' and the look of butterflies. Plus they are very forgiving. :)

I'll link back to Willow Leaf Studio when their site is back up...okay?

EDIT: 9 years ago I lived in South Lyon, Michigan. 7 years ago I lived in Southlake, Texas. Therefore I think the Star UFO was begun in Southlake and is about 7 years old. :)

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Anonymous said...

as long as your friend is 'good to go'~why not?!