Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I finished up a few *things* so far this week:

First:  I finished my pal, Norma's birthday giftie!  woohoo!  Next step is to find a box for shipping!

Second:  I made labels and sewed them onto the two QOV's that were here.  Yes! were!  FedEx was open until 9:00 pm last night so after supper, off we went to drop the QOV's.  They are on their journey to their forever homes!  I decided to try stamping on the fabric for a label.  Something a little different~not real sure that I like it.  Always fun to have lots of options for the labeling task.  :)

Third:  I machine sewed the bindings onto my Holiday Jars place mats.  That leaves the hand work that can travel.   woohoo!

Holiday Jar pattern found here.


Judy S. said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Pat! (I've seen your holiday jar pattern worked up with bug fabric.)

Linda_J said...

The brown is a perfect choice on these, Pat. Hurray for finishes! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours along with safe travels if you are going to see family.