Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little More While I Was Away...

...from blogging...I made 17 blue hockey skate lace bracelets.  I also started this *cookie* thing.  I make cookies for the girl,T that escorts the players to the autograph corner and for the players, too.  Each one has the ooportunity to accept a bag of 6 cookies!  Currently, *T* has enjoyed all 6 bags and 4 out of 8 players have taken the cookies.  Robert Slaney was so funny!  He started munching on the cookies right away! He looked very hungry after the game!!

I am merely keeping count on the blog as it is easier to reference written here than anywhere else.  :)

note to self:  108 in lace yields 17~6.5 inch cut lace.  elastic cut at 2 inches

just a little hockey biz...  :)

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