Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter 2012 *To Sew* List

My Winter 2012 Sewing List...in no particular order:


  • DS birthday gift...January 2nd Birthday!
  • grocery bags
  • Cher's Sister's Panel Challenge
  • place mats:  January, February and March
  • Admirals flag
  • Scott Valentine's photo album cover
  • Admirals Auction quilt and bag
  • DH's co-worker Baby quilt A
  • DH's co-worker Baby quilt B
  • Mr. Hezzie quilt
  • Fishi quilt

  • Cub pals' wall hanging
  • red embroidery wall hanging
  • blue fq wicked easy quilt
  • Everglades panel quilt
  • Quilt Expo 2011 kit  
  • class quilt~blue ridge beauty
  • class quilt~virginia bound
Mix in a few donation quilts here and there and I should stay busy until Spring 2012!

This time I am going to post a list in the sewing room...teehee....


Kathleen said...

Grocery bags have been on my list for a long time. Are you using a particular pattern?

Linda_J said...

Add Norma's FAB par-tay Popsicle Sticks to that list. One of these days we will get a date firmed up, LOL.

That list should keep you out of trouble!