Monday, September 24, 2012

The First Lighthouse Place Mat

There was no sewing over the weekend as I was helping DD with her 8th grade diorama.  She was given the task to make a *teepee* and a scene depicting the lifestyle using *your structure*.  First she gathered twigs then about 5 hours later~we had the first smaller teepee.  It was a struggle but thank goodness for my stash of osnaburg cloth!  Her second teepee went together much faster.  We also made a couple trips across town to the Michael's.  I think the one salesgirl now *knows* us...

She was worried about the dead bison scene as being too violent for *school content* but I told her that killing animals was a way of life for the Indians and they needed the dead animals to survive.   oh, and hide it behind one of the teepees! Pretty cool red nail polish, right?!

So I am a little late today as I just sewed together one background and then fused the lighthouse parts. I'm liking this, too.  Now to have a little lunch and fuse the remaining lighthouses.  :)


Donna said...

Love the lighthouse block. Can you tell me what pattern you are using? I picked up a bit of lighthouse fabric on a trip to Maine several years ago and I think applique blocks is just what I am looking for to use with it.


Nancy said...

The diorama should receive a superior rating. Nice job!

The sky fabric is perfect for the lighthouse.

Linda J said...

Realistic diorama! We know that DD is compassionate about animals and doesn't go around killing things.

Cool Lighthouse.