Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Try It On Tuesday: Painting

I volunteered to help a friend paint for a Milwaukee Admirals Booster Club Crew Fundraiser.

My friend, Mara is a true artist!  I merely seemed to glob the paint on and with her steady hand~she fixed what I painted!  :)

Mara had primed the bowling pins and painted a few of the heads.

She showed me the trick of tracing the logo's onto the *jersey* then I painted the hats, eyes and nose.  Mara did the fine detailed work!

I also painted some of the lines on the *jersey* fronts and Mara worked her magic there also.

I did have the idea of painting the bottom of the pin black to represent the players' breezers.

Today I am going to link up with Jo at Jo's Country Junction for her Try it On Tuesday.

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Linda J said...

Aren't those just the clever-est thing!