Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day and My Bus Trip

Happy Mother's Day to All!

My Mom is celebrating this Mother's Day with her Mom who passed away 50 years ago~Have FUN Mom and Mary! (I was only 18 months when my Mom's Mom died so I don't have any memories of Mary but my sister's says that every time Grandma Mary visited she had a treat to pass gum!)

Last Thursday my Day Guild took a bus trip to the Sewing Basket in Plymouth Wisconsin as the meeting.  What a fun idea!  Elaine and Carol each gave a one hour lecture.  The first on the *Fun and Done* method.  It was really very interesting.  This link has a link to a video describing the *Fun and Done* method. The second was a trunk show of quilt using panels.  This was also very interesting but then again, don't most quilters love looking at quilts!

Lunch was on our own. Most of the gals (like 20) headed to the pizzeria but about 6 of us decided to try the little coffee shop down the block.  It was so charming!  It was located in the former bank building complete with a seating area in the vault.  We had a few minutes to spare so we cruised through the antique mall.  Only one quilt in the window but lots of fun stuff inside. 

I always like to look and *see* what items are considered antiques that I remember from my own childhood.  :)

I did buy a little.  This batik and black as my night guild is planning a raffle quilt for next year.  paper pieced batik stars with black backgrounds.

The impulse buy was the elephants.  DD has switched from frogs to elephants.  Think I will be able to get an elephant quilt done before she switches again?!  doubtful...

I also was the lucky winner of this panel.  ummm...what WERE some of those ideas again?!


Nancy said...

The elephant fabric is adorable!

Linda J said...

Oh I bet we can help you come up with some ideas as could the girls on the bus. Sounds like you had a grand time!

We used to go to an old bank that had been converted to a restaurant in town about 20 some miles away from B-N. My youngest brother lives there now with his family but I didn't notice if it was still open last time I was back. Cool idea for a coffee shop though!