Friday, May 31, 2013

Whoop! Whoop! 5.31.2013

This week I finished the pillowcases and notes to the Service Members.  I then shipped my stash of QOV's to Alycia.  In Blogger order (lol):

Quilt 1

pattern source:  Bonnie Hunter class.

Quilt 2

pattern source:  Alycia's Rectangle tutorial

Quilt 3

pattern source:  this is called a 'potato chip' quilt. I found a few images while surfing the web but really all you do is cut 8.5 inch squares then frame them out with 1.5 inch cut of the opposite fabric.  Takes about 2 yards of each plus binding.

Quilt 4

pattern source:  Snake Charmer   I renamed this one 'Flower Charmer' cuz I just don't groove to snakes, at all!

Quilt 5

pattern source:  modified rail.  again, I saw this design while surfing the web and just winged it!  :)
Rail bars cut at 2.5 inches and white accent cut at 1.5 inches.  Blocks cut at 7.5 inches ~ finished blocks at 7 inches.

Quilt 6

pattern source:  leader and ender using 2.5 inch square alternating blue/red.  This experiment did not turn out as expected but it has a whole lot of memories in it.  Plus a Service Member somewhere will be warmed and comforted by it.

I'm linking up with Sarah.

A QOV Whoop! Whoop! Kind of day!

Many Thanks to DD and her hockey net!  Necessity is indeed the Mother of Invention as no one around here likes to be a quilt holder!   and



Anonymous said...

Wow. Quite a fabulous collection of quilts. I love the first quilt in particular. It is a fabulous colour choice and pattern for QOV.

Julie in GA said...

Great looking QOVs! I'm so impressed by how many you have finished.

Karen said...

What wonderful gifts of love. I am sure these quilts will be treasured.

JoAnne said...

I love all of them! You sure have been busy, Pat.

Nancy said...

Beautiful quilts - they will be appreciated and lovingly used.

Cher said...

hey some wonderful patterns and fabulous colors used - and naturally great quilting by you...all in all, terrific quilts Pat! and a very happy birthday to DD...hope she had a wonderful celebration.

amandajean said...

what a wonderful line up of QOV quilts!!! and for such a great cause! sometimes the finishing touches (pillow cases and notes...and actually mailing them) are harder than the actual quilts, don't you think? it sure is the case at my house! good for you for finishing!!!

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

Linda J said...

You have been one a roll there, Pat! Wowie what a treasure trove of quilts.

Happy Bday to DD and good for you getting the newly done version two Cheese and Crackers on the bed as well!