Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Today was a SEW AND REWARD Day here at Bell Creek Quilts.  Occasionally, I need to bribe myself to sew something I would rather not be sewing.  Today, it was hanging sleeves!  (I googled search 'how to make a hanging sleeve for a quilt', read a few then made and sewed the hanging sleeves onto the quilts. I used a blend of a few different tutorials plus what I remember from my sewing friends from the Bear Creek Quilt Guild.)

The Hanging Sleeves:

the back of the Bowtie Border Quilt  (found here)

the back of the Radio Wave  Quilt (found here)


Sewing a new quilt!  I'm hoping to get this one finished in time to join the Linky Party at Swim Bike Quilt's 100 Quilts for Kids drive.  I'm just a tad late to the party, lol....

This is the original fabric and

these are The Four Patch Posie's blocks.

My friend Linda at Cats-n-Quilts just posted about making Four Patch Posie quilts.  Check out her post here.  Linda is awesome at finding links and helping!  You will need to scroll to the bottom of her post and be sure to click on all the links she has!

I learned the 'ins and outs' of this quilt pattern from her!

Thanks, FAB pal!! :)

pattern source:  Four Patch Posie

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Linda J said...

what lovely fabric for making this quilt!! I am going to have to point the girls over to your blog so they can see a couple examples of that theirs might look like. Actually Norma found the connecting threads linked when she heard we might do 4pp!