Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Crummy Saturday

My goal for Saturday was to empty two full M size bobbins that had red thread and two partially filled M size bobbins that had dark tan thread…sounds pretty quick and easy, right?

NOT! I noticed the other day when I put my scraps away that my scrap bins are once again bulging…sigh. So I went to my red bin and began sewing crumb blocks (aka Mile-a-Minute blocks, tutorial here.)

Several hours --like six!--
Success! Four empty M size bobbins. I'm getting ready to quilt a queen size quilt so I need all available M bobbins empty and ready to fill for this next project.

The GOOD NEWS is 62 -- 6.5 inch red crumb blocks.

The BAD NEWS -- I found a whole heap of pink fabric at the bottom of the red bin and now I want to make pink crumb blocks.

MORE GOOD NEWS -- I generated more scraps to be given to my friends for their dog bed ministry!

1 comment:

Mama Spark said...

Huzzah, looks like more good news then bad! Love these blocks. I need to do something similar to use up my ever populating scrap bin.