Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cleaning and Re-organizing...

…the card/scrapbook room, that is!

Since I finished Squirrel's (aka Viktor Ardvisson) scrapbook in April , I simply closed the door and started sewing. Well -- this week I decided it was time to tackle the makeover project! A friend of DD's gifted me a 12 x 12 paper tower and I brought a few more 12 x 12 smaller plastic bins -- I was ready! I sorted through all the paper scraps and divided them up…multi colored, warms, cools and b/w bins. It reminds me of how I sort through the scraps in the sewing room. lol. I tossed a lot of scraps that I thought were unusable and cut down others to a more usable shape. I also separated out the punches so that they all lay flat in the bins -- I had to add another over size bin!

All in all, it took a better part of three days to restore order.

DD walked in and exclaimed, "THERE IS A FLOOR!"



A vacuuming picked up most of the visible *stuff*.  lol.

Along the way, I made some girl-y birthday cards.

Here is a close-up of some of the cards.

When I went to put them away -- I discovered that I already had girl-y cards made up. Such is life…now I have about 2 year supply. lol


The cleaned up and organized card/scrapbook room!

I REALLY REALLY want to sew but my sewing space needs a spruce up, too.

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