Friday, June 26, 2015

Whoop! Whoop! 6.26.2015


Well -- not me, but the number of Little Dress I have made!

My June UFO was to complete 25 dresses and I made 46!

I was #34 on the June Goal Setting Party.

I had quite a few donations of pillowcases that I was able to transform by following Nancy's Notion's pattern. I used elastic in the neckline since Baby DID NOT LIKE sewing over a thick neckline.

My total goal was to make 50 Little Dresses and I made 66!

I needed to take the pictures of the Little Dresses in installments.

I found this half set of Target wire cube shelving while cleaning and thought if I hooked them together flat-- I could use it to hang the Little Dresses and maybe quilts. (I was using the swing set but that is now a memory.)

I am on the lookout for a complete set in the house that is not currently in use to expand to quilt size cube wall…

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Tired Teacher said...

Love all the dresses & the photos.

Mari said...

Your dresses look terrific! Lucky girls to get one of these pretties! When is your mission trip?

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Your assortment of little dresses are so cute, well done on this effort~!

Sandy said...

Good for you getting so many dresses done and exceeding your goal. They are so cute!