Friday, September 11, 2015

Whoop! Whoop! 9.11.2015

A small Whoop! Whoop! today…

…a friend is organizing the table decorations for the church's bi-weekly Mom's meetings and asked if I would help. She is going with a lake/beachy/water theme this year.

…much to her credit: she found the clear bowls, rocks, nameplates, a bolt of burlap, some discarded drapery/silky material and battery tea lites. She brought the plate chargers at the dollar store. She wanted the burlap under the bowls of rocks and table runners out of the silky material. I suggested she go with a square and sort of *puddle* it around the centerpiece. That way each one could be individual yet all alike. The ladies eat first at the meetings so I thought if the *puddle* was too big…then it could just be *pushed* more towards the center piece and out of the way.

…here is what I have…I staged it on my brown kitchen table but the tables at church are white!

I think we did ok.

Ten table settings for $10.00!

Decorating on a Dime! (who remembers that HGTV show?!)

A few particulars:

the chargers are 13  inch round
the burlap was cut 16 inches square -- sorta
the *puddles* were cut 42 inches squares and hemmed on all four sides - final 40 inches square (approx.)

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