Monday, March 30, 2009

Guess Who? going to play Strip Poker again?!

My night guild is hosting a Games Night in April since Spring Break and the Chicago Quilt Show are both happening the week of the guild meeting. Our color scheme is red, white and blue 2.5 inch strips. I think once my fabric order arrives, I'll be able to add a few more blues so that I have three yards to play with!

This guild has also picked Quilts of Valor as the Special Project for this year. :)

I'm thinking about making a quilt similar to this one but with red and blue blocks and cream sashings. I've seen the pattern at the Ben Franklin but can't remember who the designer is...I'll have to look the next time I go to town.

can you say, "Deja vu"?!

I'm starting to feel like Bill Murray in 'Groundhog's Day'!
(scroll down a bit to read what this movie is about, in case you don't know...*grin*)

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Lori in South Dakota said...

you poker playing momma you!!

Cheryl said...

You are my fairy godmother for volunteering to do this, and the guild board thinks it's a great idea.
So...kudos to you!

SueR said...

Strip poker, the idea of it just cracks me up! Win big! You're doing really great on your stash reports. Looked back through your blog, but couldn't seem to find it--what the heck did you do to your leg?