Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday Night Check-In 10.31.2020

 I had a bright idea to make a quilted tablecloth for my dining room table. I then thought that I could make a 'tester' if you will from an autumn - ish print from the stash.

I modified the Reflections pattern from Mountian Creek Patterns.

At lunchtime, I had the upper and bottom panels completed. Jack the Ripper came out to correct one of the panels.

Well, Jack the Ripper came out a few more times as I sewed the same seam wrong...TWICE!

I was very careful not to destroy the fabric!

Here it is as a flimsy, right before dinner.

I stopped sewing a little early today because...after dinner, this was my station!

A social distance Halloween Trick-or-Treating!


 HappY HalloweeN!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday Night Check-in 10.30.2020

Friday Night Check-In

I decided to work on my star row quilt as I had the lemon stars on the design wall. I actually have one set of stars I didn't use and a few stray ones that didn't make the final cut.

Here is where I was at lunchtime. I was making progress. :)

Here is my progress before dinner. :). No dinner bell but I did put a chicken in the crock and let it cook on high for 3.5 hours. I added a bag of microwave veggies along with a pouch of microwave rice and ta-da...dinner! We also ate the last of the sugar free jello for dessert...

After dinner, DH cleaned up! :) while I went back to my sewing space. This is where I ended my night.

This quilt finishes at about 63 x 83 before quilting.

pattern credit:     Row 1:  Ohio Stars from Quilter's Cache

                            Row 2: my take on wonky meets floating star (9.5 unfinished with 3.5 inch floater)

                            Row 3: Barn Star from b-quilts     
                            Row 4: Lemon Stars from Missouri Star Quilt Company    

                            Row 5: Ribbon Star from Quilter's Cache   

Whoop! Whoop! 10.30.2020

 Happy Friday!

Quilted, bound and labeled! yay! I still need to figure out what to write on the label for this baby quilt but I've got a little time. The shower is November 7th so I have this weekend to figure it out and get it into the post for arrival on the shower date!

pattern credit: Modified Warm Wishes  note: I cut all the rails at 2.5 inches

panto credit: large scribbles

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday Happenings 10.29.2020

 In a non-COVID19 year, today would have been the first day of the Oconomowoc Quilters' Guild Annual Retreat. I've only attended a few years, yet this year I find myself missing the retreat and my sewing friends LOTS! 

I was really sad earlier in the week and I think the canceled Retreat was a big part of the sadness. At the retreat center, we each have a twin bed and we bring all our own linens. Yes, quilts abound! There is a kitchen with a chef who rings the bell and food magically appears on the dining tables! What a treat! I didn't really appreciate it until this year, I asked DH at lunchtime where my lunch was and if the 'dinner bell ' was broken. His response, 'Yes, it's broken. No lunch is made for you.' Don't get me wrong, I've always enjoyed the no cooking only sewing part of retreat! This year, I appreciate it!

I did sew a little today, in the spirit of retreat. I worked on clue #3 from Alycia's A11 mystery.

18 blocks total, 17 spinning in unison and 1 maverick. Also a few leftover pieces. I just might have to remake the one maverick block. I had actually taken it apart because I made it wrong and picked the wrong side to remove. Unfortunately, I destroyed that part of the block. :(
pattern credit: A11 Clue #3

I've been practicing my hst's although from the above wonky would never know! *sigh*

Although I made my hst's using the tube method and trimming to 3.0 inches unfinished

In the past, at retreat I've pieced one or two children's donation quilts, my Family Christmas quilt and random crumb blocks. This weekend, I'm going to try and sew each Stay at Home COVID19 Retreat... 

Did I mention the no cooking?! Well, I need to add the there is dessert after every lunch and every dinner...and pumpkin pancakes and a hot potato bar...and my personal favorite, the never ending pot of coffee! I might need to make a grocery store run...I did manage to make a batch of pumpkin cookies today. 

Dessert for my weekend :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

WIP Wednesday 10.28.2020

 The next baby ISPY is assembled!

I like to make the baby quilts a little on the larger size so that the baby can have 'tummy time'!

pattern credit: Modified Warm Wishes. I cut my rail fabric all at 2.5 inches x WOF.

We had a few visitors to the backyard the other day. The sand cranes were 'regulars' at the Wisconsin house but I've only seen them a few times here in the mitten.

There are many more trees at this house than the Wisconsin house including two beautiful maple trees. DH was a little worried about leaf removal. So, he invested in the leaf bagging system for his John Deere.

He is really liking the ease of leaf pick up now. He was going out every day and cleaning the backyard until the rains came...

Monday, October 26, 2020

Design Wall Monday 10.26.2020

 My friend's daughter is having a baby! and the baby shower is in a few weeks!

So...out came the bin of 6.5 inch novelties and the Warm Wishes pattern, found here. The only change I make is that I cut all strips at 2.5 by WOF then sub-cut into 6.5 inch squares.

The blue/white stars are a little busy....

I found a darker blue that is a bit calmer. Yes, much better!

It was posted that she's having a boy. I hope so or I might be making a pink/purple quilt after the baby arrives in January 2021!

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Friday, October 23, 2020

Whoop! Whoop! 10.23.2020

 My Whoop! Whoop! this week is all about the A11 Mystery that Alycia is currently hosting!

The fabric requirements are pretty straight forward, a red, white and blue. Here are my choices. My white has gray triangles in I am just a little worried that it won't work. But, we shall see.

I finished Clue 1 earlier in the week. I wasn't positive that I would complete Clue 2 so I took a few pictures of Clue 1...good blog fodder and all. :)

Here is the chain pieced units off the back of Baby.

Here the blocks on the design wall.

Here the blocks are piled neatly (?!) with my Clue 1 print out.

I did, in fact, complete Clue 2 yesterday. 

Can you tell I was in a hurry? Only one completed picture of Clue 2.

If you also want to make the A11 Mystery, you can click on the following links:

Alycia does a really great job at her mysteries! The clues are all free (when released one at a time) and the sewing is very friendly! The bonus is you end up with a beautiful quilt designed by Alycia! Once all the clues have been posted, she keeps them up for a spell for everyone to catch up with their sewing. 


After a certain amount of time, she removes the free clues, condenses them into a pattern and offers it for sale.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

WIP Wednesday 10.21.2020

 I've been itching to make more reusable grocery bags and I finally did!

I've been using them to transport all sorts of 'things' back and forth from the places I go. Sadly, my grocery store has suspended the use of these type of bags. Most importantly, when DH and I travel, they are 'THE SNACK BAG'

The one on the left has a few errors as I had to jog loose those memories on construction. I made so many for Christmas 2019 -like 30- that I thought I would NEVER forget. But alas, I did. By the third 'Save Our Planet' bag, my memory was in full gear. Maybe I should've watched the tutorial.  A friend shared this free tutorial at Retreat 2019.

pattern credit: Shabby Chic Reusable Grocery Bag.  It's a YouTube video.

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Design Wall Monday 10.19.2020

 I've had a few projects in the sewing room that I finally got to sew.

One was making chemo hats for my SIL. She started another treatment and this one caused her hair to start falling out. She asked me to make her a few hats to cover her head. She also gave me a hat that she liked but wanted a few modifications. With her blessing...I took the seam ripper to her hat (I was very nervous to do this as I am not very adept at garment construction!) Thank goodness my sewing buddy told me to make paper templates and go from there...

My SIL's trusted hat.

I made the first one exactly like this but forgot to grab a pic.  :(

The ties were too long so my SIL cut them off the first one and I cut down the template. Here is my second attempt.

It's a little hard to see, so here I am, modeling it. She said she liked the looser fit to keep her head a little cooler.

With her okay, I finished off the other three.

Now to head over to her house and drop them off... They actually kinda remind me of the bonnets from Little House on the Prairie...

Friday, October 16, 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

WIP Wednesday 10.14.2020

 I've kept at it!

Spinning and sewing these little 4 kaleidoscope patch blocks.

I decided to use the paler purple as the sashing.

The inner border is the same as the sashing and the outer border is a combination of the original print and a darker purple from the stash.

Overall, I'm liking the looks of this one!

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Monday, October 12, 2020

Design Wall Monday 10.12.2020

 I had told a friend (a Mom of my DD's friend) that I would make her a quilt. Well, between her work schedule, COVID19 shutdown and my moving, we never did connect on what she actually wanted. I only remember, 'not too big' as she wanted to take it into the ice rink to watch her boys play hockey. I had asked my DD if she knew the Mom's two favorite colors and the response was purple and more purple. It's been nagging at me that I should probably make her a little something.

When I saw this was a lightbulb moment.

Lots of purple with a light scattering of blue. I kinda have a thing for paisleys as I like to make the Four Patch Stacked Posies Quilt. Here is the jacket cover I pilfered off of the internet;

I know I have this pattern somewhere in the sewing room...but where?!

Here is a Pinterest page with all sorts of images of this quilt, Pinterest page.

This paisley repeat was just under 8 inches so I cut my stacks at 3.5 inches.

I'll need 30 blocks so I need one full set of the stacks and a half set of the stacks as each full stack of the repeats yields 20 - 6 inch finished blocks.

Finally to my Canadian friends...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!   photo credit

Friday, October 9, 2020

Whoop! Whoop! 10.9.2020

 I was inching closer to getting this to a flimsy. I thought it looked a little silly at this stage!

I was leaning towards a red bike and DH said, 'Go for it! It will stand out!' does stand out! LOL. I'm calling the one done for now. Not sure when it will be quilted.

pattern credit: Slice of Surprise by L'il Sparroe and Oak (no website)

I was able to make more stars for my Star Row quilt. A few for the quilt and a few for me.

Here is the pattern that I followed, Flag Star from b-quilts. I chose to strip piece the flag strip units since I made 8 stars.

Alycia over at Alycia Quilts is hosting a QOV Mystery. I'm going to try and keep up with the clues as she releases them.

The cool logo.

The fabric requirements were posted last week or so, found here.  The quilt finishes at about 60 x 80.

Here are my fabrics that I'm going to start with...

My white has gray triangles so will have to see how it play with the other fabrics and pattern. I'm hoping all I need is a good contrast!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

WIP Wednesday 10.7.2020

 I'm making progress on my Dresden Plate sampler flimsy.

Here it is, only missing the bicycle and one wheel.

pattern credit: Slice of Surprise by Li'l Oak and Sparrow 
                            (sorry, no website...)

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Monday, October 5, 2020

Design Wall Monday 10.5.2020

 I took on an old challenge. 

I belonged to the Ben Franklin Quilt Club when I lived in Wisconsin. The BF Quilt Club held an annual QuiltFest and Quilt Show the first weekend in October. This year, the store closed and the last day of operation was Saturday. So Sad!!! 

The BF Quilt Club decided to hold the Quilt Show online over at their FB page. I wanted to participate so...

I dug out the 2019 Block of the month. The pattern is Slice of Surprise by Li'l Sparrow and Oak (sorry no web page). Here is the original from the handout. (sorry, I also didn't take a picture of the actual quilt)

This was as far as I had gotten during 2019 plus the neighborhood block. Again, for some goofy reason I didn't take a picture of the 2019 completed blocks.  Go figure... 

My 'partner in crime' and I bailed on it. Too many Dresdens that needed to be appliqué down for me but then I opted for 'raggy edge'.

We had phase 1 of Anderson Windows installed last week at the new house. I've really enjoyed looking at the changing trees through the nice crisp new windows. My DH decided he would paint the trim himself! First prime than paint, eh gads, that's high! 17 feet perhaps! I try NOT to think about it! because that ladder doesn't seem too steady!