Monday, June 29, 2020

Design Wall Monday 6.29.2020

I had two small moving boxes jammed full of leftover RWB fabric from about 13 years of QOV-ing. Yesterday I decided to tackle the easier box and today, I'm working my way through the other box. I'm ironing the fabric and then cutting it into sizes that I use the most. My sizes are 2.5 inch strips, 3.5 inch strips, 4.5 inch strip by WOF (for a new pattern I want to try!), 4.5 inch squares and 6.5 inch squares. I did find a few 5 inch squares but I elected NOT to cut more. I did manage to find a few stray FQ's, too.

Here is what I've managed to cut. I should add that if it was at least 18 inch x WOF, it went back into the yardage pile.

Also in the boxes, I found some orphan blocks. I'm going to let these marinate for a spell. I might do something with them or they might go back into the tote. Time will tell...

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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Whoop! Whoop! 6.27.2020

Still no sewing taking place but I am inching closer...

Here is my sewing/cutting/ironing/design wall space.

Here is the long arm space. I've been oiling up the long arm, after 4 weeks of inactivity, I want to make sure there is oil on the wicks. I'm hoping to start her up on Monday and see where she is at. I really hated to move her as she was really making a fine stitch. I'm low key afraid for Monday...

I did have the opportunity to meet up with DS. He was dropping a load of mulch (or something!) to a Lowe's about 25 minutes from the house. I jumped at the chance to spend a little time while he was working and getting unloaded. Here is his big truck, as he calls it. He drives a Chevy Silverado as his personal vehicle. Hence Big Truck and 'Rado are the nicknames for his rides.

My family thinks they moved about 1,000 tons of card stock and various card/scrapping supplies so this week, I worked on change of address cards. Sorry, I only got a picture of the stack. I need to assemble a few more so I'll try to remember to snap a photo then...

I'm still riding the crumb wave from the Wisconsin house so I leave you with a few crumb pictures. The crumb wave is rapidly approaching the!

Here are the black scraps and parts.

Here are a few of the trimmed 6.5 inch blocks.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

WIP Wednesday 6.24.2020

More crumb blocks were made in Wisconsin. This is a long term project where I am collecting and storing the crumb blocks made.

Here are the red scraps and starters. 
Yes, that is a large plastic bin I store my scraps in. 😍

Here are a few of the trimmed blocks - 6.5 inches.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day! 2020

My husband and son going on a bike ride a few years back having a quick driver's meeting to decide where to ride.

Here is our son when he was moving his motorcycles to Michigan summer 2018. My husband and his dad helped with the loading but I only snapped this picture of DS before Grandpa headed out with DS's prized motorcycles.

My husband and daughter getting ready to head out on a snowmobile ride. Her first one ever!

Also a quick shot of moving our daughter into her apartment summer 2019. We actually moved her in three phases!

ps. You are able to see them a little better when not all suited up...



Of course, here are a few more of my crumb blocks made at the old house.

Here are the purple scraps and starters.

Here are the blocks.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Whoop! Whoop! 6.20.2020

Each day I get a little closer to sewing and quilting.

My sewing closet! along with a few miscellaneous things from the old card room.

My bookshelves for patterns and books and my fabric cabinets for larger cuts of fabric! I need to unpack the books and patterns...

My cutting area! I took down and destroyed my old design wall so to the left will be a new design wall, hopefully one that will be free standing. My old one needed to be propped up.

My piecing and ironing area, I think.

Once I start sewing and moving in the area, I'll be better able to fine tune the arrangement. It's a big open space to fill up!

and what's a quilting blog post without some fabric?!

Here are the orange starters.

Here are the orange crumb blocks made at the old house.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

WIP Wednesday 6.17.2020

Oh Happy Day!

DH replaced the broken legs on my fabric cabinets with casters. It seemed like the easiest solution rather than building new legs. He also contemplated buying another set of legs but he thought that they just might break too.

The cabinets are made of particle board so he wasn't real confident that they would actually survive the moving van!

Soon, I will be able to set my fabric free from the moving boxes!

DH also re-assembled the long arm table on like, the first day here. I got the feeling that he felt the safest place for the sewing head was on the table! Now I need to find her oil drip pads and I can start working the oil through her again.

and because a post with quilty content is just boring, here are some brown crumb blocks I made while still at the old house.  :)

Here is a pile of scraps with the starters.

Here are a few blocks trimmed to 6.5 inches plus a few leftover bits.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Where am I?

So...we had the big truck arrive at Bell Creek Quilts/Wisconsin on Tuesday June 9th to load our ' big' stuff.

This included my long arm frame that DH disassembled and lovingly wrapped up for me! He bubble wrapped everything and even made custom boxes for the plexiglass top piece. He definitely wanted to protect his

I was a little teary eyed as I have spent 13.5 years creating in my sewing room and made GREAT friends along the way!

On Thursday June 11th, the big truck arrived at Bell Creek Quilts/Michigan. Needless to say, the unpacking and setting back up was underway the entire weekend!

We were suppose to get internet on Friday, June 12th but there was a snafu. Currently I'm sitting in a Meijer's parking lot in my Acadia since the Acadia has WIFI and there is a strong signal here. I tried at the new house but not happening. :( We also don't have TV...

Believe it or not...the only breakage were the feet on my 4 fabric cabinets! We really weren't surprised as they are made of particle board but will just be one of the last things on the 'DH: please do' list. All in good time, right?

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my yellow crumbs. Here are some 'spare parts'.

Here are a few 6.5 inch blocks.

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Monday, June 8, 2020

Design Space Monday 6.8.2020

I started to work thru my tubs of scraps.

My technique I employ is that I have 'a starter' and build my blocks until it can be trimmed comfortably with a 6.5 inch ruler. My 'starters' might be a four patch, even or uneven, half square triangle, ladder or stacked mini coins or even trim offs from another block assembly. I generally stick to one color family when piecing the crumb blocks. For example, all red, all black, all yellow, all purple-you get the

I started with my yellow scraps...

In the meantime...

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Whoop! Whoop! 6.5.2020

I completed the H Quilt to a flimsy!

I'm not really happy with it but perhaps, the quilting will bring more life to it. I think it looks a little dull or drab.

pattern: JellyRollsFabric's H Quilt

This is the reason it will stay as a flimsy for a little while. My Gammill sewing machine head is resting on a bench in the basement of the new house.

While the frame is here at the old house in the basement.

If all goes as planned, they will be under the same roof next Friday!

 "God willing and the creek don't rise", as my Mom used to say...

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

WIP Wednesday 6.3.2020

I made more H's. The go together pretty fast as I stripped piece the middle section of the H.

pattern: JellyRoll Fabric's H Quilt

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Design Space Monday 6.1.2020

*My friend, KH told me his favorite color combination is yellow and white.

My response was 'REALLY?!'.

*Did I tell you that he is 15?

My second response was 'do you know how dirty that quilt will get?'.

*KH just shrugs his boney teenage shoulders...

So when I was packing up my fabric for the move, I pulled my yellows and whites. Well, they range from gold to yellow to orange, plus a few novelties thrown in for good measure. I've been wanting to make an H quilt and since his last name starts with H...I thought, 'why NOT?'.

Here are the fabrics I pulled out. I pieced this a few weeks back when the fabric stores were closed because of COVID19.

What you see is what I have.

Here are a few H's.

pattern: JellyRoll Fabric's H Quilt.

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