Saturday, July 30, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 7.30.2022

Today is the fifth Saturday of July of the color PURPLE!

Right about this time of year, a quilter's fancy starts thinking about blocks to make for the next Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Will it be churn dashes, nine patches, four patches, stars, rectangles or something a bit more complex? Both last year and this year, I kept my blocks fairly simple and this kept me motivated to 'keep up'  my RSC blocks. For RCS2023, I am thinking about houses and huts as block possibilities. So I pulled out my purple 2.5 inch squares and a crumb block. I followed Debby Brown's directions for her 'Little Pink Houses' pattern for the 16 patch but I made a cutting error on the crumb block. That one looks more like a hut with a flat roof! LOL

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Friday, July 29, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 7.29.2022

I'm calling the Modified  Nine Patch (aka Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World) finished! It was a kit from the guild that didn't include binding. Nothing in the stash really was working for binding. I'm sure that there is something in the guild stash that will work!

pattern credit: Modified Nine Patch or
                        Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World

I found a back in the guild stash that needed just a bit more added to it. So I added the cream at the top. I'm not exactly sure why? there is the little cream 'window' in the blue portion. It's a head scratcher for sure....'Why DID she do that?!' 'Because she COULD!'

I've gotten the main portion of the Mt. Rushmore's Eagle done with the extra 'Mock Trip Around the World' blocks and a few stars made with the leftovers from the above backing...the cream. Now to add top and bottom borders to bring it to size.

pattern credit:     Modified Nine Patch or
                                Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World
                            Bev's stars (Bev's take on this strippy star)

My inspiration quilt: I think it's from a Google Search of 'Marine Corpse Quilts'

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

WIP Wednesday 7.27.2022

I'm quilting on the kit I picked up from the Casual Quilts. I had fraken-pieced a smaller back at the meeting and had a smaller fraken-batt from the leftover Casual Quilter's QOV's. Seemed like a match made in heaven... LOL!

 pattern credit: modified nine patch or   
                        Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World
panto: happy times

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Design Wall Monday 7.25.2022

 L👀K! Who made it back to the design wall and it's all sewn together! Thanks to Bonnie who said she liked the off set barn raising lay out. It was just the right nudge for me to sew it into this set!

pattern credit: modified nine patch or
                        Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World, found here
                               and Bonnie for her layout suggestion!

Since I had a few leftover 'modified nine patches', I decided to see how I liked them around one of the eagle pillow panels I had received from the FB QOV Working Stars Admin.

Umm...not too excited about it. For some reason I decided to make the stars from a tutorial Bev gave us when I lived in Wisconsin. So I refer to the stars as 'Bev's Stars'. The only problem is that I didn't have enough lights in any one fabric. I am using what I have available and trying NOT to succumb and buy more!

I'm not realing liking this set either. Seems so much harder when you have limited blocks and/or fabrics!

I did a Pinterest and Google Search of 'Marine Corps Quilts' and found a number of interesting ideas for using a smaller panel. This is one of those that I liked. I have more light fabric to match the stars on the top and bottom. I wasn't sure what to put in the corners so I cut into some eagle fabric I had on inventory to audition it.

pattern credit: modified nine patch or Quilting Assistant MTATW
                       'Bev's Stars' (it's Bev's take on this ruler) and this layout (must 
                        be from Google Search as not on my Pinterest board)

Saturday, July 23, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 7.23.2022

Today is the fourth Saturday of July of the color Purple!

Time for my 'Missing U' block. This one is just a tad on the wonky side!

pattern credit: Cheryl Arkison in her book 'Sunday Morning Quilts'

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I wonder if August's color will be bright greens or orange
Stay tuned...we'll find out in a week as July has 5 Saturdays!

Friday, July 22, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 7.22.2022

First, I finished a project last week that's been hanging around the sewing room since the beginning of the month! 

My soaring eagle panel quilt! It's another in my 'Use the Crumbs' series aka 'The Art of Spare Parts'. I've been trolling the web, blogs, Google and Pinterest to find more ideas.

panto: fern gully

My second finish for the week is the blue boy novelty quilt for the local Red Cross unit. 

pattern inspiration: Warm Wishes, found here
panto: serpentine

I did put the Modified Nine Patch or Mock Trip Around the World back on the design wall. Sewing it to a flimsy is my goal for this weekend. I blogged about making the blocks, here.


Wednesday, July 20, 2022

WIP Wednesday 7.20.2022

 Monday and Tuesday were very productive days in the sewing room!

First, I put the two borders on my brown bear paw quilt. I should have measured it because it is right at 90 inches. It should shrink a little with quilting, here's crossing my fingers that it doesn't shrink a lot. I've folded it up and it is now in the UFO pile while I think over the next move.

                                Pinterest images found here  and here 

I decided to start on the RWB Modified Nine Patch next. Since the initial cutting was done, the sewing of the 'parts' went quickly.

Thanks goodness for chain piecing. I had all the blocks done in a jiffy.

I started to arrange the blocks on the design wall but I did leave off the 8th row on some of the designs.

Streak of Lightening aka Fields and Furrows

Mock Trip Around the World with dark center aka barn raising.

Off Set Mock Trip Around the World with light center.

This positive/negative reminded me of plus signs.

Many Trips Around the World.


All a log cabin set. This one is NOT working for me!

Mountains...also like a log cabin setting. This is NOT working for me either! They look like half plus signs to me...

pattern credit: Modified Nine Patch that came with the 'parts' but I've used it as a 
                        freebie from Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World, 
                            My cuts: small block: 3.5 inch (this appears as the diagonal) 
                                            contrast block: 6.5 inch

So many choices! I actually put this aside, too to figure out which setting I want to make. Right now I'm leaning towards the traditional barn raising with the dark center or wave. But I do like the Many Trips Around the World!

Believe it or not, I still had time in the sewing room so I cut and sewed a few rails for the boy novelty comfort quilt for August's meeting. This is one of my 'go-to' patterns when my box of novelties is exploding. I'm happy to report, the box closes now but just barely!

pattern inspiration: Warm Wishes, found here

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Monday, July 18, 2022

Design Wall Monday 7.18.2022

I seem to have had a bit of the brain fog over the weekend. 

I ripped more than I sewed on my crumby bear paw quilt. I did sew all the rows together and have the two borders to go. I decided to 'go with' the staggered look but now I'm thinking it might need a big black bear appliqued on it. I was thinking I would do a nice feathery panto that would really show up in the open areas.

 pattern inspirations:         Cathy at Sane, Crazy Crumby Quilting
                                          Pinterest images found here and here

I have a couple of (hopefully) quick projects that are NOT crumb related. I'm not sure which one I will do first...

I picked up a QOV quilt kit at the sew day that would blend with the funky back I worked on. The directions called it 'modified nine patch from EQ6' but I've used it before as a freebie from Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World found here.

I also want to make one child's quilt for the ladies that are collecting for the local Red Cross for our August meeting. I pulled out my novelty bin and some blues. The blue in the background will be the backing. JAF is still having their clearance on red spot fabric. This blue was less than $2.00/yard! Since it's sparkly, it will work for a child's quilt but not a QOV.

I also received a few more QOV's to quilt down. I have two smaller batts pieced from leftovers but will need to contact the leader that handles the batting to get another roll. She volunteers quite a bit at the local nature preserve so it may be a spell before I get that roll of batting. 

Good thing I have lots to keep me busy. Now only if that brain fog would lift!!

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 7.16.2022

Today is the third Saturday of July of the color PURPLE! One of my favorite colors!

Time for my crumble jumble blocks. Since I seem to have an over abundance of the crumble jumble blocks...I'm working on restraining myself from making lots. LOL

pattern credit: Bonnie Hunter's Crumble Jumble quilt from String Frenzy book.

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 7.15.2022

Not much progress on the crumb bear paw quilt.

Why? you ask? The Casual Quilters QOV group put out a call to make backs at the sew day yesterday. The leader brought about 15 tops and some backing fabric. 7 backs were sewn and 7 backs were measured and cut. We meet at the local FVW Hall which is named the American Spirit Centre.

 There were quite a few number of ladies sewing on all sorts of Comfort Quilt projects...not just making the QOV backs. I snuck in a picture which explains why you only see backs...I was way over on one side of the room. All the seats by the windows were taken by the time I arrived!

I do have a finish from earlier in the week. My red crumbs stars! Slowly but surely, I am working through those pesky crumb blocks!

panto: serpentine
pattern inspiration: found on Pinterest, I think or maybe not...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

WIP Wednesday 7.13.2022

I've gotten a sweet little pile of bear paw blocks created.

 I was debating whether to make the sashing between the bear paws 1 or 2 inches finished. I inch finished would take less fabric but I felt 2 inch finished was the more traditional size. In the end, I went for 1 inch finished sash between the bear paw blocks since I only had about 4 yards of the background fabric. It's an older print, so almost impossible to find more. I am actually kinda liking the narrow sash between the bear paws.

pattern inspiration: found on Pinterest here  and here.

                                my cuts: Bear Paw: 6.5 inch square unfinished crumb block(1)
                                                                3.5 inch square unfinished background (1)
                                                                3.5 inch unfinished HST's (4)

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DD sent me a current picture of Angie. She has a new harness that patches are able to attach by velcro. I'll have to ask DD to send me a close up of one of Angie's patches... DD is planning a move to an apartment better suited to Angie so they went to a park today near the new apartment. 

New park = new smells = new photo ops! LOL

Monday, July 11, 2022

Design Wall Monday 7.11.2022

Last Friday was the Casual Quilters' Summer Dinner. We met at a different location close to Jennifer's Quilt shop. I arrived a little early to visit Jennifer's as she graciously stayed open later for the guild members. I actually brought a few panel patterns and I was talking about Quilts of Valor, so Jennifer gifted me with a Timeless Treasures Star panel! I want to make a QOV and do a little show and tell for her!

Cathy at Sane, Crazy Crumby Quilting suggested my next crumb block, bear paw! I have lots of brown crumb blocks so my logic says to make brown bear paws...I'm not always real original. LOL Here is my fabric pull for the blocks.

Here are the parts for a few of the blocks.

Here is the blow-up of the block. I was having a little trouble keeping the claws aligned correctly.

Of course, I made a few test blocks. I'm not certain what fabrics I will use as the sashings.

                        my cuts per block:    6.5 inch square crumb block (1)
                                                          3.5 inch square plain background (1)
                                                          3.5 inch hst's (4)

Sunday, July 10, 2022

QOV Sunday 7.10.2022

One more set of Quilts of Valor pieced by the members of the Casual Quilters.

Quilt A

 Quilt B

Quilt C

Quilt D

Quilt E

Quilt F

I hope you enjoyed today's Quilts of Valor. I am now officially caught up with the QOV bundles.