Wednesday, July 31, 2019

WIP Wednesday 7.31.2019

No Quilty Content!

I spent the last three days helping DD move into her first apartment! As a junior status at NMU, she is eligible to move to off campus living. She is also starting a new job at Simply Superior Catering wing of NMU.

Here is my vehicle loaded with some of her stuff.

Here's to a great year, DD! Cheers!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Whoop! Whoop! 7.26.2019

It's a flimsy! Yay!

I really wasn't 'feeling' the orange outer border but it was in the baggie so I decided to use it! I'm thinking orange thread for the quilting but then again, maybe a bright green.

Time will tell...

pattern info: Crazy Boo-tilful

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

WIP Wednesday 7.24.2019

I finished the blocks for the 'Crazy Boo-tiful'. Not really sure that I'm liking it. There always seems to be one fabric that 'takes over' and doesn't play well with the others. A bully, perhaps?

pattern info: Crazy Boo-tiful found here.

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Monday, July 22, 2019

Design Wall Monday 7.22.2019

During my 'de-CLUTTER', I found a few project bags from the Oconomowoc Quilters Guild (my night guild) that I had taken and, oh no!, forgotten about! yikes!

One bag contained Halloween strips and was labeled 'coin'. Well, there didn't seem to be enough strips for a coin quilt so I decided to take a little different approach.

I found this pattern, Crazy BOO-tiful in the Fall 2013 Fons and Porter Quickly Quilting magazine featuring Jean Doan. So far, I've done the first round of orange. I have three more rounds to sew. Not sure how big the blocks will be as the strips in the bag were cut at 2 inches...

Check out the cover!

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Small Finish! 7.20.2019

There has not been a lot of sewing happening here at Bell Creek Quilts as the 'GREAT de-CLUTTER of 2019' is under way. My task this summer has been to clear out about 30 years worth of 'stuff' I have accumulated and moved with me! These last two weeks have been about the sewing room. I'm about 4/5 done with it! Yay!

I did find some fabric which I used to make the cancer recovery bags in spring, so I decided instead of storing it away, I would sew up a couple. Plus I was really, really wanting to sew. LOL

Here are the two finished bags.

The Oconomowoc Quilters Guild asked for volunteers to main the info booth at the Waukesha County Fair. The time slots were 2 hours long, so I signed up. I went on $1 days, $1 to park and $1 admittance to fair! I wish I would have taken photos of the quilts hanging but I didn't. :(

Here is a link to the guild's QOV panel challenge quilts: HERE

Monday, July 15, 2019

Design Wall Monday 7.15.2019

Not a whole lot of sewing or quilting is happening here at Bell Creek Quilts. I've been going through my I did get to a point in the sewing where I needed to cut scraps down and I decided to start two of the cancer recovery bags for next September's meeting.

It's not much but it's something!

DD is collecting kitchenware for her apartment. Fein Brothers in Milwaukee is her shopping choice so we went there today on her day off...

I keep thinking my time is dwindling down with her so I better spend as much as I can. Time. NOT

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Friday, July 5, 2019

Whoop! Whoop! 7.5.2019

I realized yesterday that I hadn't posted about my QOV panel challenge finish. As I looked through my pictures, it was because I don't have a picture of my finish!


June's meeting was the 'turn in' day and luckily my friend took pictures of all the quilts via her phone and messaged them to me.

Thanks Jody!

All of the quilts were pieced and quilted by members of the Oconomowoc Quilt Guild. The quilts are going to be displayed around our city for about a year to promoted the guild and hopefully find new members for the guild. After the quilts have toured, they will then be awarded to veterans with ties to our guild.

My quilt.

pattern info: based on the MSQC Crossing Path

panto info: fern gully

The other quilts...I'm not sure who made which quilt,  sorry...
A few were made by individuals and other were made by teams.

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