Wednesday, January 31, 2024

WIP Wednesday 1.31.2024

I've made pretty good progress this week.

I quilted down the QOV I took from Lynn in November 2023. I did say that I wouldn't have time until January. I'm running this right to my own deadline. LOL

 As I was binding this one, I lost 'chicken'. Oh well, sometimes I have enough and sometimes, not. It's easy enough to add a bit more.

I also finishing piecing my FB QOV Working Stars Lisa Sutherland challenge. It's due date is February 1, 2024. Six months ago, that seemed a long way off but here I am at the deadline. The challenge was to pick any Lisa Sutherland pattern and make that QOV. She has mocked up nine different settings for the Disappearing Nine Patch block!

pattern: Lisa Sutherland Disappearing 9 Patch set 5 from Quilt Jubilee.

This one also was quilted down this week.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

SAHRR Round #2 1.30.2024

 Anja of Anja Quilts is the hostess for Round #2 of the Stay at Home Round Robin.

Her choice is any two colors and any block you wish to make. Oh boy, I just couldn't decide on anything! So, I guess, I took the easy way out...a simple border with no blocks in red and white. I haven't decided if I want to change the border and add cornerstones to it. I'll let it marinate for a spell...

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Monday, January 29, 2024

Design Wall Monday 1.29.2024

 My design wall is still the same as last week Wednesday.

pattern: DNP #5 setting by Lisa Sutherland at

Why is that?

On Thursday my friend, Mary came over and she used DeeDee! It was an all day endeavour!

pattern: It's from Fabric Cafe, a 3 yard quilt but don't know the specifics.

On Friday, I loaded the QOV that I picked up in November 2023. I did take time to quilt it down on Sunday, instead of doing my share of the weekly house work.

But most exciting is that on Saturday, I joined Mary and Gerry on a mini shop hop! My QuiltingBuddy taught me well as I was a good shopper and brought something at each store.

Our first stop was Kean's in Mason, Michigan. This is a really cute store with all sorts of fun stuff! A quilt section, an old fashion candy country, a Hallmark store and handmade jewelry to name a few.

Our next stop was the quilt shop, Yards of Fabric in Mason, Michigan. That's Mary looking at the 3 yard quilt in the window while Gerry was already in the store!

Our quick lunch stop was Courthouse Pub in Mason, Michigan.

We then loaded back into Mary's SUV and headed to Country Stitches in East Lansing, Michigan. They are a Bernina dealer and Mary had a few questions about her machine.

Here's what I cam away withe from our shop hop. A couple of Villa Rosa patterns and some fabric!

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday but man, was I tired. LOL

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Saturday, January 27, 2024

SoScrappy Saturday 1.27.2024

Today is the fourth Saturday of January of the color dark/bright green. I'm concentrating on the dark green this month. As one of my monthly projects, I decided to try to make placemats for the local Meals on Wheels program. I thought this would also fit with Joyful Quilter's Table Scraps Challenge she has been hosting for the past few years.

Joyful Quilter's January theme is snowflakes and green! I have the perfect fabric! Green snowflakes paired with some leftovers greens...a few lights and darks, this time. LOL

pattern: no published pattern. I simply used what I had and adjusted to the size 
                        requirement for the local Meals on Wheels (12.5 x 15.5 inches)
quilting: I assembled as quilt as you go so no additional quilting

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Friday, January 26, 2024

Finish or NOT Friday 1.26.2023

My finishes this week are my Puppy Love!

First I quilted and bound the lap quilt. I'm on the fence if I should donate it before Valentine's Day or after. I could use it as an example of a February item to create for the Birthday Bash Challenge at my night guild...

pattern: Suite Times from Easy Peasy book by Fabric Cafe
panto: serpentine

I also finished my Puppy Love placemats. I decided to quilt the placemats on piecing machine. I pulled out an old trick and used DH's painters tape to use as guides. I did stop/start concentric rectangles in the center with pink thread then switched to red thread to outline the border. The quilting is a little wonky but I was just looking to hold the layers together in the wash!

Here are my placemats out in the wild on the kitchen table. I like to change out my placemats with the holiday or season! The purple hearts with the Puppy Love placemats are growing on me as I didn't like the look at first....

pattern: hummm. These were extra strata from Suite Times I re-purposed. I added a
                                few borders so they measured about 13 x 17 inches.
quilting: concentric rectangles in center and outline border

My friend Mary came over and tried her hand at long arming. She did a great job for her first time and never gave up! It was a full day from 11 am until 5 pm with a short lunch break.

pattern: I think it's a Fabric Cafe pattern but I didn't ask.
panto: serpentine aka waves as it has lighthouses on it for her brother who is a

The most exciting news is that after 16 years my long arm has a nickname! It's D.D. or DeeDee and it is short for DivaDinosaur...LOL

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

WIP Wednesday 1.24.2024

I'm moving a few projects forward!

Here is the Puppy Love quilt...all ready to quilt down!

pattern: Suite Times from Fabric Cafe's Easy Peasy book

On a side note: my puppy fabric wasn't wide enough to be able to cut all the required blocks. So I made more strip sets to get the required blocks. I had quite a few leftover strata that were close to 9 inches. My Valentine's placemats are looking stained, tired, sad and old so...I used the leftovers to make new! These also need quilting and finishing.

Yesterday, I put the D9P blocks on the design wall. I decided to use mostly dark blues except for that one rogue lighter blue. I still might swap it out but then again, maybe not. These blocks are NOT sewn together yet. LOL

pattern: Lisa Sutherland's Quilt Jubilee DNP #5 setting
                All the possible setting are found here.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) 1.23.2024

Yesterday the first prompt for Stay at Home Round Robin (SAHRR) was released by Wendy at Peaceful Thoughts.   She decided on the signature block for this border. I usually don't make very many medallion type quilts. I'm never sure exactly 'what' or 'how' to decide on borders. Hopefully by joining in the SAHRR 2024, I'll expand my 'wheelhouse'.

By center block is a red, white and blue 16 patch star I found in the parts department and measures 16.5 inches square. I'm crossing my fingers that this was a good choice.

pattern: Debby Brown's Back to the Garden

Since my star is made up of 4.5 inch patches, I cut the main part of the signature block at 4.5 inch square and the sew/flip corners at 2.5 square inches. I did use a darker color for the main portion and light for the corners. So many options to sew this border!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Here is the design I settled on and it measures 24.5 square inches.

Sharing with Wendy at Peaceful Thoughts SAHRR First Border.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Design Wall Monday 1.22.2023

I have a mixed bag of projects I'm working on this week.

First I decided I needed to make a new Valentine quilt. I picked up a cute dog and paw heart print, along with a brown and added a red from my stash. I decided to make Suite Times from the Easy Peasy Three Yard Quilt book by Fabric Cafe.

 I also realized that my February 1, 2024 deadline for making a Lisa Sutherland quilt top for the FB QOV Working Stars is quickly approaching. I decided to use the white 5 inch squares we cut at my Quilting Buddies and my stash of blue/red 5 inch squares to make 9 patches that I will turn into D9P quilt or quilts. Now to put these blocks on the design wall and sew together!

I have enough blue for 4 maybe 5 quilts but I needed to make more red's. This was my 'go with' project when I wasn't sure what to work on during sewing days. Now I need to move this project to the 'more ugent' pile.  LOL

The first round for the SAHRR was revealed today! Signature blocks. I pulled fabric and I know how I want to proceed...

Did I mention? An ice storm is predicted for Tuesday the 23rd? Here's crossing my fingers that the  power stays on...xxxxx...

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Saturday, January 20, 2024

SoScrappy Saturday 1.20.2023

Today is the third Saturday of January of the color dark/bright green. I have decided to make the stash buster block 2024 as part of my RSC2024. This year I am going to make the smaller block and start with 2.0 cut strips. I am concentrating on dark green this month and cut strips from the stash for this set of blocks. I am going to make the 25 patch blocks first then fill in the alternate block later after I decide on color placement.

Here are my strip sets:

 Here are my blocks:

pattern: Main block from the 2024 Stash Buster Challenge quilt

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Friday, January 19, 2024

Finish or NOT Friday 1.19.2023

My, My! How did it get to be Friday again? so fast? I totally missed Wednesday...

My finish and whoop!whopp! this week is that I quilted down the two QOV's from the Casual Quilter's of Brighton. I've already passed these quilts along for binding and labeling.

Here is the first quilt:

pattern: I asked our leader and she didn't recognize the pattern. I can tell you that 
                it is a mix of hst's and squares that finish at 4 inches in the quilt. So 
                that would mean cut at 4.5 inches.
panto: serpentine

Here is the second quilt:

pattern: jelly roll race with side borders added
panto: Happy Times

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