Monday, October 31, 2022

Design Wall Monday 10.31.2022


Over a week ago, I got 'the crud'! I was having a hard time remembering exactly 'when' I felt so sick. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in bed. Thursday I ventured out of bed and actually put slippers on. Friday, I dressed in all my clothes as I needed to give my husband a ride to drop/pick up his SUV from the tire store. I also stopped by the post office to mail a package to my daughter, but could barely concentrate on what the worker was telling me. It also didn't help that English is NOT his first language and I was in a brain fog. I'm still not 'hitting on all cylinders' but I am feeling better!

When I left the sewing room, I was frustrated with the current crumb project. I sewed the blocks end to end in a long chain the set about to cut them with a 60 degree ruler. I decided to alternated with a nice yellowy beige that I had picked up at a garage sale, recently. The construction was not going well. I had seen this pattern also done with:  a. horizontal strips and b. the Tri-Recs ruler.

Here it is, just before slicing the sides to 'even'.

hummmm....not a favorite...

pattern credit: 60 degree triangle ruler

I also decided to move onto my 'Word Quilt'. Two words so far...

pattern credit: McCall's Web Bonus 2017

Saturday, October 22, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 10.22.2022

Today is the fourth Saturday of October of the color bright/light green. Time for my 'Missing U' blocks. I decided to make one light green and one brown block to finish out my collection.

pattern credit: Cheryl Arkison in Sunday Morning Quilts book

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 10.21.2022

This past week was really productive for me! I am cranking out my multi-colored crumb quilts for my trunk show in November. I did have the feeling once I made the blocks, the quilts would be done rather quickly.

First up is my take on Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Polka Dot Squared. I adjusted her pattern just a smidge to result in a rectangular quilt. I wasn't too sure about the green polka dots, but it works as the background.

pattern credit: Polka Dot Squared by Virginia Findlay Wolfe in '15 Minutes of Play'
panto: serpentine

My next finish is the Crumb Shadow quilt. I was surprised at how quickly this one worked up! I did strip piece the shadows so that helped moving it along.

pattern credit: Pinterest/ Google search shadow/illusion quilt
panto: serpentine

The final finish for the week is the Disappearing 9 Patch. This block is huge! It finishes at 17.5 inches! Bigger blocks = fewer blocks = quicker finish! I thought it needed the inner and outer border to complete the look. This one is about 60 x 80, before quilting.

pattern credit: Traditional D9P and Crumbs in the Corner on Pinterest
panto: serpentine

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

WIP Wednesday 10.19.2022

I finished piecing the Crumb Shadow quilt. I decided to use some of the foundation pieced blocks as the border. I just hope that the quilting will toned down the border. My poor shadows seem lost right now!

 pattern credit: Pinterest search for Shadow/Illusions quilts

I also started the next crumb quilt: a Disappearing Nine Patch. These blocks are really big so the quilt will work up fast!

pattern inspiration: Crumbs in the Corner and Pinterest/Google search

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Monday, October 17, 2022

Design Wall Monday 10.17.2022

I started another quilt with my multi colored crumbs. This one is going to be a shadow/illusion quilt. I was debating if I wanted the shadows to finish at 1 inch or 1.5 inch...but I knew I wanted 2 inch finished sashings and inner border, so I went with 1 inch finished shadow. Here are the shadows on the blocks. Next will be the sashing strips.

pattern credit: Pinterest search of Shadow/Illusion quilts.
                        *I also made two T-Shirt Shadow quilts (blogged here and here
                        many years ago and my friend LindaJ (she no longer blogs) 
                        helped me through the process.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 10.15.2022

Today is the third Saturday of the month of October of the color bright/light green.

I have s few more 'Crumble Jumble' blocks to share. I went rogue this month and sewed two orange and one blue light/bright green...

This pattern is called 'Crumble Jumble' from Bonnie Hunter's String Frenzy book. The modification I made was that I started with a 6.5 inch crumb block and not 4.5 inch one as called for in her pattern. Of course, then I had to adjust the

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Friday, October 14, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 10.14.2022

I didn't think that I would have anything to report today! At the beginning of my sewing, I still had leftovers to sew together as 'the seeds' or 'beginnings' for my multi-colored crumbs. I did get those done then started sewing on my version of Polka Dot Squared.

2.5 hours later, I had a flimsy. I didn't smooth it out real good on the design wall but you get the gist of it. HOT.MESS or NOT? I haven't decided yet. I did empty both a 13.5 gallon bin and a 4 gallon bin so HURRAY for using scraps! The binding will be the same green/cream polka dots.

pattern inspiration: Polka Dot Squared by Victoria Findlay Wolfe in
                                        15 Minutes of Play

V's is square and mine is rectangular. <grin>

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

WIP Wednesday 10.12.2022

A Wonderful Wednesday Welcome from the crumby sewing room!

I have been taken over by the spare parts. I'm not a hostage as I am free to come and go as I please. I was hoping to empty one of the big bins to combine into one...I'm still holding onto a small sliver of hope!

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure my 2.5 inch strip bins are merely fluffed up! I'm positive once I straighten the strips to put it away, I will notice a difference. I have been pulling and pulling long forgotten fabrics to sew into the blocks.

How are the blocks? Happy you asked! I'm zeroing in on my goal (400). My last estimate puts me at about 375. I have another group that I will start sewing tonight after dinner.

I couldn't resist putting the first design up on the wall. This one is inspired by Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Polka Dot Squared in her 15 Minutes of Play book. I have one more row of crumbs to be made for the bottom and a few holes here and there. I should be able to start assembling it tomorrow.

pattern inspiration: Polka Dot Square by Victoria Findlay Wolfe in
                                        15 Minutes of Play

I discovered that I had put quite a few of my novelty prints in my multi colored scrap bins that didn't measure 6.5 inches. So I ironed them up and cut them into 4.5 inch squares. I'm thinking I just might have found a RSC2023 project...Happy Blocks (pattern here)...with frames in the color of the month. I'm thinking I just might have enough squares for a boy and girl quilt!

Monday, October 10, 2022

Design Wall Monday 10.10.2022


I did a thing, well two things related to my sewing.

First thing: When I dropped off the QOV Signature Quilts (blogged here), I asked for a few more blocks so I could make another quilt with the leftovers. My blocks ended up being 7.5 inches square as I made a sewing error when I was sewing them at the AQS QuiltWeek on a borrowed machine. Lynn let me look through the bag of Signature blocks to find the ones that I could trim without interfering with the writing. I found what I needed and then, bam! I said the words...I'll just take the whole bag since I brought a couple bolts of patriotic fabric. I'm pretty sure that I over promised on this! The blocks in front will be cut down to 7.5 inches. The big baggie is what I will sew out of when I need to rest my brain and sew plain blocks together!

Thing 2: I am finally biting the bullet and sewing my 'spare parts' that are multi-colored into crumb blocks. I pulled out two bins of 'spare parts'.

I also pulled out my 2.5 inch strip bins because sometimes you just need some calm fabric!

From Saturday afternoon, Sunday and this morning, I have made about 150 6.5 inch square multi-colored crumb blocks. My goal is 400, I thinking about 5 or 6 different settings that I want to make to share next month at guild. They just might be tops and not quilted! 

Before I left the sewing room, I made more starters for my next sewing session. I find that since I am planning 5 or 6 quilts, I don't mind if I make 5 or 6 blocks similar (or the same!)

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Saturday, October 8, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 10.8.2022

Today is the second Saturday of October of the color light/bright green. 

Today is the day for my 'wonky meet floating' stars.

pattern credit: Google or Pinterest search 'wonky stars'
                        Floating star from QOV 2021 Block Drive 

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I'm getting excited...the end is near. Almost time to sew my rainbows!!

Friday, October 7, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 10.7.2022

My goal this week was to finish the two QOV Signature quilts. I took two sets of Signature blocks from AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids in August 2022. I had ordered two different bolts of star fabric and one bolt of rwb camouflage for the backing from Marshall Dry Goods.

Quilt 1:


Quilt 2:

pattern credit: alternate squares with signature squares
panto: serpentine

I also made a few labels with Spoonflower fabric.

                     Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

WIP Wednesday 10.5.2022

I pieced together the first QOV Signature quilt. This one has all the odds and ends from the signature blocks.

The second QOV Signature quilt is cut out and ready to sew. I had separated out the matching blocks to put into one quilt.

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Monday, October 3, 2022

Design Wall Monday 10.3.2022

I decided to pull out the Signature Blocks from the AQS QuiltWeek Grand Rapids 2022 and work on those two quilts.

 It's a really straight forward design, alternate the signature blocks with a patriotic print. I'll need to add one more row to the bottom--I am height challenged--and borders to bring to size. This is the first layout:

I shifted a few blocks around. I was trying to see if I could get the blue and red to 'sorta' alternate in the rows horizontally. I kept trying to get the signatures equally with the red or blue on the top of the block. My booth mates thought I was crazy...

I'm liking this one more as it is a tad more organized. 😍

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 10.1.2022

Today is the first Saturday of October of the color light green! This was the color I was hoping for as the light to medium greens (along with the dark neutrals--black and brown) are the colors I am missing from my RSC2022 blocks.

Here are my scrappy improve hearts...otherwise known as crumb hearts, along with their cut-offs.

pattern credit: Scrappy Improve Hearts
                        Bonnie Hunters' Crumby Hearts

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I was very happy to hear that Angela and her family are safe from Hurricane Ian. She doesn't have power but otherwise 'things' are okay!