Friday, October 8, 2010

Ads Quilt Finished~Puck Drops on Saturday!

I actually finished sewing the binding back a few days ago on my Milwaukee Admirals quilt.

I was fortunate to be *invited* to the Season Ticket Holders *Meet and Greet* Event tonight where, yes!, All. The. Current. Players. Were. Available. To. Sign. Autographs! Thank You, Nate!

Way. Too. Cool. for a hockey geek like myself.

The signatures are kinda small but I guess the guys were leaving room for everyone to sign. :) Only one of the newer players made a mistake with his new Admiral number! :)

*Another* member of the team, Roscoe the mascot, wasn't at the event tonight. I just might end up dragging my quilt to a game to get Roscoe's signature on his orange block.

Maybe. Maybe. Not.

pattern: LindaJ's *Sorta* T*Shirt Tutorial

panto: Inkblot from Willow Leaf Studio

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Quilt Doodles said...

Thank you for posting this t-shirt quilt. I just love it! I have 3 more to make and I hope to learn this design. It is my favorite.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

That is too cool! Yep - a mascot signature would be cool!!