Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Little Bit Quilty

After 3 false oils of the longarm, today I sewed two rows of Popcorn (Willow Leaf Studio) on the Corvette quilt!

It's not a lot, but it is a start!
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Stash Busting Report Week #35

More stash enhancing and nothing finished...

My report:

Fabric added this week: +4 yards
Fabric added this year: +147 yards

Fabric used this week: o yards
Fabric used this year: -197 yards

Net fabric this year: -50 yards

What I hope to accomplish this week:
  • quilt Corvette quilt
  • bind Corvette quilt
  • make companion pillows
  • sew an apron

The apron would be due at my Wednesday meeting...let's see how I progress with my goals since it's been about 4 weeks since I had any quilty goals! Wish me well! :)

Check out this awesome GiveAway at Mama Spark's blog to celebrate her 400th post! On second thought...don't! as I want to win the Robyn Pandolph FQ Bundle! just teasing! sorta! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Vacation

On Saturday, August 15th, we headed north through Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, across the Mackinac Bridge and arriving at the Family Compound in the evening. When we arrived, BIL,SIL and their kids had a wonderful fire built. We spent some time around the fire catching up then off to unload our luggage.

Sunday was a day at the dirt track and on the boats, although a storm kicked up right as the group was arriving back at the cottage.

Monday, 9 of us loaded into Grandpa's motorhome for a tour of the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). We travelled to Saint Saulte Marie, Mi and went through the Soo Locks boat ride. My friend, Maureen and DH had just visited here and it sounded like fun, plus DD had just learned about the Soo Locks at school. Visit Maureen's travel blog for some great might need to scroll through a few pages as she has visited many places since Michigan.

We also visited Whitefish Bay and a few brave souls walked in Lake Superior! (ummm...not me!)

Not to be discouraged, Grandpa drove the few extra miles to Tahquamenon Falls, both upper and lower. They were very pretty and worth the drive to visit. After a snack of ice cream, we loaded back into the motorhome and arrived in Saint Ignace, Michigan for the night around 9:00 pm.

Tuesday was our day on Mackinac Island. 7 chose to ride their bikes while my MIL and I decided to visit shops on foot. We had a wonderful, peaceful serene lunch overlooking the gardens and water. (no pictures as DH took my camera---he was a biker---as he left his in the motorhome). I even ate half of a whitefish sandwich! definitely a big step for me as I usually don't eat fish of any kind!

Wednesday and Thursday were cottage days. My SIL has a wonderful stamping/card making area that DD and I we able to play with. Thanks, Auntie El for sharing your stash with us!

I visited a thrift store in search of an apron, but alas, none was to be found.

What followed me home was a yard of this kiddie novelty fabric (for 5ocents) and

this quilt.

Now I know WHY I must label my quilts...if the quiltmaker had labeled her quilt~I would know so much more about it!

I also have a stash of coffee naturally a few followed me home. :)

Friday and Saturday we travelled south for a visit with my family. One niece was having a birthday party so it was fun to see most of my family at the party. My sister was also in town, visiting friends.

Sunday, DD had a *rider request* for a stop. A fun little town with only a party store/ice cream /gift shop. :)

Well one last photo...who can resist the Chicago skyline as one sits in traffic?!

Hope you enjoyed my trips as much as I did! Now to get back to sewing and quilting!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Days Between Vacations...

...were spent doing laundry for four and a full day at the Wisconsin State Fair.

The first load of laundry that I did, I managed to flood the laundry room. After I cleaned that up, along with 3 years worth of lint under the washer and dryer, I worked on the wash. At about 3:00 pm, DS noticed that his DVD case (and movie inside) were wet! OMGosh, the flood dripped down into the basement and soaked about 10 of the drop ceiling tiles. DS was wonderful and got the ladder and removed the soaked tiles. At about this time, the Grandparents arrived. They were a welcomed diversion from my *crisis* I was dealing with.

This latest flood just re-inforces my opinion that *water is evil* and it seeps/soaks everything/everywhere when given the opportunity!

Thursday, August 13th was our day at The Wisconsin State Fair. DD took a friend and the only picture I took was the two of them in the SkyRide. We always look forward to the SkyRide and this year, we rode it 4 times! :) We did visit the Crafts Building where the quilts, woodworking, baskets, sewing, jams, bread, flowers, fruits, vegetables, cakes and just about anything one might imagine was entered into the fair for judging. We also went into the building that features Wisconsin made products and another that has the vendors in it. The last building has the 4H displays and some kid's make it/take it projects~which were popular with the girls. We also watched pig racing~what a hoot! is all I am going to say about that! We decided to skip the animal barns this year as the allergies were acting up for DD and myself! and neither of us remember to take the allergy meds before going to the fair.

Friday was the finishing of laundry.

Saturday we packed and headed out on the family vacation!
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Strip Twist Many Ways

Our group sewing project was the Strip Twist pattern by GE Designs.

pattern jacket found at the Fat Quarter Shop.

These are Linda's blocks.

These are Norma's blocks. Her finished flimsy can be found here.

These are mine. That you have seen before.

Cher had made a few blocks but I didn't snap a picture of her blocks. She was very busy being our wonderful hostess. :)

These are Pam's.

Pam also had a little help from Linda (cutting) and Norma (sewing) to put together 4 Patch Posey blocks.

I also started a knitting project. I was hoping to make a diagonally dishcloth, it's a slow go for me though!

Vacation 1: the FAB Retreat

At the beginning of the month, DD and I headed to Portland, Oregon for the first FAB Retreat Gathering. A few of the ladies had met *in person* but this was my *first* time for the *in person* meeting! If you ever have a chance to meet up with fellow bloggers~do it! The meetings are so much fun and to put a face with a name is just awesome! :) Some of the other FAB's have already posted about the trip, along with pictures that I don't have. Take a minute and check them out! Cher (our hostess), Norma, Linda and Pam (although she has been busy and hasn't posted about the retreat! I can so relate!)

We spent 6 days in Oregon so our trip was divided into 2~3 day segments. One part was the sightseeing and the other was the sewing/retreating.

The Sightseeing:
Day 1

We went to Tillamook Cheese and viewed the cheese packing process. I found this interesting since I have been around the dairy industry for about 25 years yet I don't know very much about cheese making. I had more questions than answers after my visit :)

Next DD and I went to the town of Newport, Oregon and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I just love looking at all the different fish and ocean/water life. I never tire of this.

DD asked to visit the tidepools and beach. Well we went to Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, although we saw a few tidepools, unknown to us, it is a cobblestone beach. Hey, I'm from Wisconsin...all beaches are sandy, right? wrong! this beach was rocks...all sizes...big, little and very hard to walk across! later we found out that this beach was like one of a handful of cobblestone beaches in Oregon. The clerk at the hotel was very surprised that we had stumbled across it!

Day 2:

DD and I spent all day at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Or the OMSI. They had a CSI exhibit that was pretty fun to solve a murder mystery based on some clues.

We toured the USS Blueback sub that is docked there and is a museum. We watch the IMAX movie. We visited the exhibit halls about the human body and dinosaurs. I think DD's favorite part was the two banks of Brain Teasers displays.

Day 3:
Our FAB meeting day!

Our first destination was Fabric Depot. I was too busy yakking to do much buying or picture taking :) Then onto Cher's where she had made us a yummy chicken and noodle dinner complete with Tillamook Dairy Ice Cream and pie!

Day 4:
Sewing Day.

I worked on my Strip Twist Christmas blocks. We also exchanged the blocks/parts we had made for each other.

We had a field trip to a quilt shop, Fibers in Motion and lunch. Norma has pictures posted about lunch. Again, too busy yakking for picture taking! :)

Day 5:
Sewing Day.

I worked on my green crumb blocks. A pretty good start on another quilt.
Thanks to Cher for sharing her green strips and Linda for sorting through Cher's scraps. They will be a great reminder of our time together!

Day 6:

DD and I went to Cannon Beach in search of a sandy beach! We found one at Tolovana Beach on the south side of town. Not many shells to be found here but we did manage to put our feet into the water.

Day 7.
Travel home.
After a 5:30 am pickup of Linda at Cher's, we made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Dropped off the rental then ate breakfast. DD sat by the window and was able to take pictures of Mt. Hood as we passed by. In our row was a woman that had lived in Portland for a long time. She was a treasure trove of information about many things to do/see in the greater Portland area. I can hardly wait to visit again!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stash Busting Report Week #34

Hey! Just back from vacation! I tell you more about my 'tale of two vacations' but first, the stash enhancing report from the second vacation. My family kept me busy so that I didn't have time to go to the quilts shops but I did manage to find a re-sale shop to explore. :)

I'll post more about my trips as time permits and I shift through the pictures that were taken :) In the meantime, thanks to everyone who commented while I was away~I'll answer back soon (I hope!)

My report:

Fabric added this week: 1 yard
Fabric added this year: 143 yards

Fabric used this week: o yards
Fabric used this year: -197 yards

Net fabric for the year: -54 yards (used)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Vacation?!

Can you believe it?

DD, DH, Ginger the hamster and I are heading out today. DS and Daisy Dog will be 'bachelors and bachelorettes' here at Bell Creek Quilts.

Destination: Family compound in Grayling, Michigan :)

Do you think I will *need* a vacation from my vacations?! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's the Oregon Loot!

At Fabric Depot, I brought a few patterns. More 2.5 inch strip patterns for me and the Monster Cash change purse for DD.

A pretty red for the QOV quilts and musical notes for DD. She will be starting band in the fall, playing the flute. I plan to make a luggage type name tag for her flute case.

The next FAB Challenge 'Baby It's Cold Outside'. The periwinkle blue on the left is the fabric we received in our challenge packet. The paisley and green are possible 'go with's'. I have all the way until January 2010 to think over the possibilities as the mailing date for this challenge is February 1, 2010. I have a yard of the periwinkle, a yard of the paisley and a yard of the green. I almost went back to Fabric Depot to buy more but I am unsure exactly what to make. This challenge is wide open~anything goes. One just needs to use enough of the periwinkle so that it is 'recognisable'. Norma is my swap partner this 'go around' and I will be mailing to her. I do know that green is Norma's favorite color...wink...wink.

Lastly, but not least, are two fq's from Fibers in Motion. Flamingos have always been a favorite of mine! and with Mama Spark's talk of owls...well, these cute guys just had to come home with me!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stash Busting Report Week #32

I'm still calling it 'Stash Busting' but all I really seem to be doing lately is 'Stash Enhancing'! This past week was no different with a trip to the Fabric Depot and Fibers in Motion. (pictures later when I download the camera card :))

Fabric added this week: +6 yards
Fabric added this year: +142 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this year: -197 yards

Net fabric for the year: -55 yards (used)

I had a fun time meeting and sewing with the FAB's! DD and I also spent two days at the coast and one day at the Museum in downtown Portland. Portland is a beautiful city to visit.

No quilty goals or accomplishments!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Have gone to Portland, Oregon!

See you on August 12th :)

photo courtesy of Google Search

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stash Busting Report Week #31

My guild friend, Barbara was having a sale at her shop, Tea and Textiles. How could I pass up a chance to visit a friend and enhance the stash?! While Maureen (travel blog and crafting blog) was here, she said *something* that I really think is true. While I am trying to use more of the fabric I have, really I am just keeping track of it better with my weekly reports! and trying not to binge shop!

Here is the report for this week:

Fabric added this week: 6 yards
Fabric added this year: 136 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this year: -197 yards

Net fabric for the year: -61 yards (used)

What I accomplished this week:

  • quilted guild QOV
  • worked on *secret project* :)

What I hope to accomplish next week:

  • FUN FUN FUN at FAB Retreat

DD and I are heading out to Portland, Oregon on Tuesday. We will have a few days to explore the city and surrounding area then we meet up with the FAB's for our retreat! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1st View

The weeds have taken over the commons area! They are so much taller this year than in previous years. Today is cloudy, cool (in the 60's) and a few light sprinkles. No sewing today as we are meeting up with my Texas friend, Maureen (travel blog here and crafting blog here) and her husband, Alan to tour the Miller Brewery. My family hasn't toured the Brewery yet and if Maureen has her camera~she just may sneak a picture of me and post it on her travel blog! Maureen and I did sew yesterday and I pretty much finished my *super secret* project! Just a little embellishing to go. Thanks to Maureen and her suggestions to make the finishing easier :)

On a quilty note, hop on over to Mama Spark's World blog. Bunny Hill is sponsoring a awesome give away on Mama Spark's blog! I almost DON"T want to share the information because it is THAT COOL! but go ahead, hop on over to Mama's Spark and see for yourself!
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