Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Have Been Up To...

DD (age 11 almost 12) and I have been working in her playroom and bedroom, clearing out what she has outgrown, either she doesn't play with the toys anymore or doesn't wear the clothes anymore.

So far, here is the donation collection.

And this, unfortunately is the landfill pile.

That box store now has fabric at 50% off. Yikes! +12 yards. enough said.

I did manage to go through some of the scraps and separate into boy or girl but I still have more in bags that will work for either quilt. I see many quilts contained in the scrap bins! :)

That's all as far as the Spring Break has been going. Dentist appointment later today and more *sorting* of DD's stuff. I wonder just *how* did she accumulate so much in 12 short years?!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I made a few more String X blocks. Pattern here.

I decided to separate the blocks into boy/girl and make two neonatal quilts. Think I will make theses blocks *in between* my other projects as this is an on-going charity at my night guild.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stash Update Week #17

No finishes this past week but I did gift some fabric. I also went shopping.

Fabric added this week: +3 yards
Fabric added this year: +73 yards

Fabric used this week: -1 yards (gifted)
Fabric used this year: -102.5 yards

Net fabric for the year: -29.5 yards (used)

What I accomplished this week: nada, nothing, zip, zero

Goals for next week: nada, nothing, zip, zero~DD is home this week on Easter Break! :)

Easter Blessings to all my blogland friends who celebrate!

Image from: Google Image search: *Easter and Jesus 2011*. here.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Did I Tell You?!

That big box store that is discontinuing their fabric department...has all their fabric marked 25 % off near me!
This +3 yards that followed me home. I am really, really tempted to go back to buy backings for a few donation quilts that are *in the pipeline*.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day 2011

Happy Earth Day! I had visions of grandeur today! I would be at my sewing machine, sewing eco-friendly re-usable grocery totes (which have been on my sewing list forever!) but it didn't happen. :(

photo: Google Image search: Earth Day 2011

Instead: I slept late, did two loads of laundry, attended Good Friday Services, and packaged up a couple of boxes. I also went to Wal*Mart so the Easter Bunny and his candy would magically appear at Bell Creek Quilts this weekend. :)

Wonder what is in the boxes?
Box #1: I send my *its and bits* of batting to my friend Pam. Affectionately referred to as *Wisconsin Air* Watch out Pam, some more *Wisconsin Air* is trucking its way to your home. :)

Box #2: Carin and Carol at Margaret's Hope Chest are holding a quilt drive. Not only are they accepting finished quilts but also any quilt tops anyone may wish to donate. If you send some tops or quilts and comment on their blog post, you are entered into a contest.

It was a tight fit but I managed to fit six completed quilts into the box. Carin and Carol, your box is trucking its way to you, too!

I was a bit lazy today, too. I simply *inked* the back of the quilts for my portion of the label.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I decided to dig into the multicolored scraps and my *Shout Color Catchers* I have been saving. Here's what I came up with today. If asked, I would tell you that my stash is seriously low on pink! They all seem to be in the scrap pile! lol

I'm using this pattern String X as my inspiration. My foundation is a bit smaller so I am trimming to 4.5 in x 9.5 in. I am cutting my black setting squares/triangles at 4.75 inches then slicing on the diagonal. Once all that is sewn then I am trimming my blocks to 6.5 inches. My finished blocks will be 6 inches. I think this is going to wonk out as I don't think my black setting triangles will all line up. :)

I also mailed out my FAB Birthday Giftie. Parcel Post~should reach the Birthday Girl by April 27th~her Birthday! Will reveal that secret project once the Birthday Girl has opened her gifties! :)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Scraps to Share

My friend, Cher recently asked if I had a few yellows I could part with that she could use in a quilt for her granddaughter. I thought~yes ma'am! Here is a sampling of what I found in the bottom of my stash closet. just a few yellows to help out in her quilt. :)

One of my favorite ways to use the stash~gift it! :) (-1 yard...maybe?!)
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stash Update Week #16

okay. I had one finish and I went shopping...almost even for the week. :)

fabric added this week: +8 yards
fabric added this year: +70 yards

fabric used this week: -6.5 yards
fabric used this year: -101.5 yards

net fabric for the year: -31.5 yards

what I accomplished this week: Finished Kim's Paisley Path

goals for next week: work on super secret projects. yes! two projects that I won't be able to show until later...keeping you in suspense...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kim's Paisley Path

ItalicI finished sewing back the binding this morning on Kim's Paisley Path.

pattern source: Bricks and Stepping Stones

I discovered just enough of this alien and spaceship print in green with bits of orange, blue, yellow and black. I don't think I would have purchased this for backing if I had gone to the quilt store but I was shopping the stash and this is *what* I had color wise and yardage. iiwii and done it is!

panto source: curly hearts

Yesterday I stopped and shopped. +8 yards

Not all is pictured as some of it will go into the next FAB Birthday Giftie! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whew! It's Done!

The Milwaukee Admirals finished the regular season on Sunday, April 10, 2011. Andreas' scrapbook is also finished and ready to be turned in! yeah!

His scrapbook is about 4 inches thick and includes 40 home games, 1 way game, 39 away game summaries, monthly schedules, 2 appearance pages and 1 'Thank You' page! DD and I had a fun time attending the games then scrap booking together. We actually have more to scrap book on this season but simply ran out of room. :)

The scrap book out grew the first album so we had to buy a bigger album. of course, that meant I felt the need to sew a second cover as the first cover didn't fit the second album. Into the yellow scraps I went and here is my take on the Swedish Flag.

DD first page of Andreas' scrapbook.

I'm going to miss the scrap book... :(

but I know Andreas' Mom will appreciate it more... :)

DH suggested that I ask for visitation rights but this scrap book is going to Sweden to live.

ummm...might be a nice vacation to visit it! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stash Update Week #15

Nothing in, nothing out...numbers stay the same as last week!

What I accomplished this week: pieced Kim's Bricks and Stones to a flimsy

Goals for next week: finish Kim's Bricks and Stones. :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Ta~da! The four patches matched with some green bricks BLOOMED into this Bricks and Stepping Stones flimsy. At 43 x 68, it is a little narrower than I like but I was limited by the amount of border fabric!

Does anyone ever do that?! Find a border fabric in the stash then pull the colors and pattern afterwards? BTW, Kim from the Bradley Center concourse likes green and just a little bit of orange. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Design Table Monday

The start of a new project.

60 orange and white 4-patches!
For Lori: a little weather out the backdoor on Sunday afternoon...

pea size hail storm~only lasted a few minutes but was very intense! Otherwise, almost all the snow has melted. Thunderstorms Sunday night will wash away the residual leftover mess from the snow. Add a few warmer days and sunshine~the grounds surrounding Bell Creek Quilts will be greening up. Almost time for the snow blower to move to the off site shed and the lawn tractor and deck furniture to return! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stash Report Week #14

I had one finish this week!
Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric added this year: +62 yards

Fabric used this week: -8 yards
Fabric used this year: -95 yards

Net fabric for the year: -33 yards (used)

What I accomplished this week: Kelsey's Crumbs

Goals for next week: continue sewing and creating :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kelsey's Crumbs

Thinking about giving this to the inspiration, he was injured in last night's game and will undergo a MRI today to see the extent of the damage to his *lower body injury*.

ps. thanks geek squad guy for getting the pictures to download!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Finish...No Fooling!

Just finished the binding on Kelsey's Crumbs aka Black Crumbs aka Black and Blue quilt.

No pictures as now Picasa doesn't recognize my sd Geek Squad guy is gonna demand overtime for fixing all the computer glitches I have been having lately...grrrr...