Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter 2012 *To Sew* List

My Winter 2012 Sewing List...in no particular order:


  • DS birthday gift...January 2nd Birthday!
  • grocery bags
  • Cher's Sister's Panel Challenge
  • place mats:  January, February and March
  • Admirals flag
  • Scott Valentine's photo album cover
  • Admirals Auction quilt and bag
  • DH's co-worker Baby quilt A
  • DH's co-worker Baby quilt B
  • Mr. Hezzie quilt
  • Fishi quilt

  • Cub pals' wall hanging
  • red embroidery wall hanging
  • blue fq wicked easy quilt
  • Everglades panel quilt
  • Quilt Expo 2011 kit  
  • class quilt~blue ridge beauty
  • class quilt~virginia bound
Mix in a few donation quilts here and there and I should stay busy until Spring 2012!

This time I am going to post a list in the sewing room...teehee....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

May you have a joyous and peaceful Holiday Season!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fall 2011 Re-Cap

My Fall 2011 *To Sew* List


  • OQG Ugly Fabric challenge due October 2011:DONE!
  • LCQG Paint Chip challenge due December 2011:DONE!
  • LCQG Mystery quilt due January 2012:CONTINUING!  new due date: March 2012 
  • grocery bags
  • hockey lace bracelets :CONTINUING!
  • Cher's Sisters' Panel challenge due January 2012~tenative
  • place mats w/ table runner: Halloween:DONE!, Christmas:DONE! and January
  • assorted Holiday gifts:DONE!
  • FAB birthday gift due November 2011 :DONE!
  • Packers flag:DONE!
  • Admirals flag
  • Admirals photo album cover
*OQG=Oconomowoc Quilt Guild
*LCQG=Lake Country Quilt Guild


  • Cub pals' wall hanging
  • red embroidery wall hanging
  • blue fq wicked easy quilt
  • Everglades panel quilt
  • Quilt Expo 2011 kit
  • Construction staggered bricks:DONE!
  • class quilt~blue ridge beauty
  • class quilt~virginia bound

I was wondering *why* I have not been very motivated in the sewing room this quarter...I discovered the *why* last night.  I found my Fall 2011 *To Sew* List under a pile of magazines in the kitchen!  No wonder!  I usually tape it to the cupboard to help me keep track of my progress.


I actually made progress on my list and also completed a couple of QOV's for Alycia to replenish her cupboard.  So all in all~not too bad.  I'll be back next week with my Winter 2012 *To Sew* List...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Winter Solstice arrived last night here at Bell Creek Quilts.  I'll be back later with a review of my Fall 2011 *To Sew* List and work up a Winter 2012 *To Sew* List.

graphic google imaged searched here.

Christmas Treasures Finished!

Just in time!

The Christmas Treasures quilt is finished!  This is the fourth in a series of Treasure Quilts I have been making to gift to my family.  The Blue Treasures here.  The Green Treasures here. The Purple Treasures here.

I quilted it with Curly Hearts from Lorien Quilting.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday

The Christmas Quilt is a flimsy!  woohoo!  Enjoying the familiar *rush* of having completed a flimsy.  :)

These blocks are based loosely on this Chaos Crumb Block tutorial, found here.  There are many different tutorials out in blogland to make this type of crumb block.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little More While I Was Away...

...from blogging...I made 17 blue hockey skate lace bracelets.  I also started this *cookie* thing.  I make cookies for the girl,T that escorts the players to the autograph corner and for the players, too.  Each one has the ooportunity to accept a bag of 6 cookies!  Currently, *T* has enjoyed all 6 bags and 4 out of 8 players have taken the cookies.  Robert Slaney was so funny!  He started munching on the cookies right away! He looked very hungry after the game!!

I am merely keeping count on the blog as it is easier to reference written here than anywhere else.  :)

note to self:  108 in lace yields 17~6.5 inch cut lace.  elastic cut at 2 inches

just a little hockey biz...  :)

Oconomowoc Quilt Guild Exchange

Last year I got into trouble at the Oconomowoc Quilt guild because I gave *too nice* of a gift!

This year, I shifted through the sewing room and found 4 fq's of flannels that I will never use and this Santa suit coffee mug. Well, the Santa suit mug was in one of the Christmas boxes. Combined with some candy canes~I can only hope that this is *trashy enough* for the Oconomowoc Quilt Guild.  Perhaps this is another example of *One quilter's trash is another quilter's treasure*?! 

Hope whomever receives it~likes flannel. 

tee-hee and Merry Christmas!  :)

This is the *trash* I picked out!  Trash or Joy?!

We were all asked to bring in a dozen cookies for the snack.  Any leftovers are being donated to the staff at the church where we meet.  Usually this is a very lightly attended meeting but LOADS of fun...  I decided to make my Seven Layer Bars that I traditionally take to our families during the Holidays and and merely *snuck* 12 onto a donation plate.  :)   Now my *treats* are ready to travel!  Check one more thing off the *To Do* List!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

The Christmas quilt is starting to come together!  woohoo!

I have errands to run this morning but I really need to get back to the assembly today!

Stash Report Week #51

Nothing in. Nothing out.  Numbers stay the same. 

Motivation stays low.  I did manage to sew a few blocks on the Christmas quilt, though.

Goals for next week:

Finish Christmas quilt~needs to be gifted on Saturday! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stash Report Week #50

Well, the little one told me that I needed to update the blog. Our main computer is in for a cleaning and de-virusing so I am running with the tablet! Let's see how I do! My fingers seem a bit large for the keys....lol!

Fabric added this week: +10 yards. Ouch!
Fabric added this year: +243.5 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this year: -268 yards

Net fabric for the year: -24.5 yards

What I accomplished this week:
Made Lake Country Quilt guild gift...water bottle cover
Made red coiled trivets
Started family Christmas quilt
Made flying geese for Lake Country mystery

Goals for this week:
Continue working on family Christmas quilt

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lake Country Guild Exchange

I made a water bottle cover together with a Thermos stainless steel water bottle. :)

I received this cool stocking filled with all sorts of goodies.  Chocolate caramels, tea, Hersey kisses and candy canes...yum!

This is the snack I shared as suggested by DD, the Dirt Pudding dessert...double yum!

WIP Wednesday

Well, I made it back to the sewing room today.

I made the second coiled trivet for my table.  The red pattern is the same fabric as in this cookies in the jar.  Hardly looks the same, right?!

I also managed to push a few buttons and fabric arrived at my door step. 
+10 yards hockey for backing of two donation quilts~neither of which I have started and both are *due* shortly after the new year!

This week I have been concentrating on making Christmas cards.  I have all the components ready. Next is to address and sign...

Stash Report Week #48 and #49

Very late and a little late so I thought I would combine the two stash reports.  Thanksgiving weekend I was away and last week was a blur~the only thing I accomplished was to finish the binding on my Holiday place mats.

fabric added week #48/49:  0 yards
fabric added year to date:  +233.5 yards

fabric used week #48/49: -7.5 yards
fabric used year to date:  -268 yards

net fabric for the year:  -34.5 yards

What I accomplished (two weeks):

finished and mailed Norma's Birthday Gift~shhhhh....it's a secret!  :)
completed binding on the  Holiday place mats

Goals for this week:

make Lake Country Guild Gift
sew another coil trivet
work on next clue for Lake Country mystery
start family Christmas quilt

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally a Finish!

Finished my Holiday place mats~just in the nick of time!

We almost have the inside of the house decorated for the Holidays~only my lighted garland is missing. And I would NOT BE surprised if I had tossed it.  It was getting pretty thin after many years of display!

Tall bottle jar pattern found here.