Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Recently I received an email asking for a QOV type quilt from my night guild, Oconomowoc Quilt Guild and since I had a rwb quilt from another quilt member waiting to be quilted...

...I quilted it up!  I also found a burgundy flower print for the binding and attached that.  While I was motivated~I also made a label and sewed that to the back.  Did I mention a pillowcase, too?!

Now all I need to to is call Mary~our QOV contact quilter and let her know it is ready.  :)

I think Judy~the maker~made up this pattern surrounding the panel as she went along.   Judy id *known* for her more artsy quilts rather than traditional quilts. Bless her soul!

This is the back that Judy included with the quilt.  Nice millennium pinwheels.  I was actually liking these pinwheels as any pinwheel I make~the centers never seem to match.  lol.

The panto is Halcyon by Lorien Quilting, I found mine here.

On today's agenda:  more sewing back bindings.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pink and More Pink

I decided to join in with SoScrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year.  As a point to jump from to try something new!  I added her button on the side that explains the Challenge and I also added her blog to my blog list so that I can keep current with the colors.  This month was Pink!  Now, I don't have a lot of pink in my stash since this quilt but I'm just doing Nike...   :)

I made a few *quilty cross* following this link by Aunty Cookie.  I cut my white at 10.5 in and my pinks at 1.5 inches.

Then I made a few crumb blocks at 6.5 inches.

I also started my February place mats.  I'm still *tweaking* the design.  :)

I'm happy with my start and it was fun to pull out the pinks.  Wonder what color will be featured in March?!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Which One?

looks more like a heart?

Twister A  or

Twister B?

I did want to keep the place mats to approximately 12 x 18 but I might *need* that extra row on the bottom to complete the heart point. The place mats will then be 15 x 18.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

More hockey lace bracelets!

It's NOT major sewing but it DID get me back into the sewing room.  :)

I'll share later what I have been sewing.  and yes friends, THERE IS HOPE!  I was beginning to believe there was No Hope.  :(  

but I did find MY HOPE!!!!  :) 

and a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game tonight!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I've Been Hit!

by the spam-a-lot!

So I decided to start up the word verification again.  I know it can be troublesome but arghhh, I just don't appreciate all the spam comments.   :(

Sorry, friends.  :(

Monday, January 14, 2013

Design *Cutting Board*

Last week, we had a schoolhouse at my Day Guild.  One friend shared the 15 Minute Table Runner.  Since I already had some fabric cut for a runner, I decided to abandon the original plan and shift it to a 15 Minute Table Runner. If you Google search '15 Minute Table Runner', there are many *hits* to look at.  :) One change was that, Pat had us insert a piece of batting in between the *tube* to give the runner some more *ummph*.

My fabric selection.

The finished runner.

A close up.

Things I learned:

*I would like more of the focus fabric to show
*I would like it longer

But, all in all, I'm pleased.  Quick and easy, two of my favorite things!  :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Whoop! Whoop!

I took the final stitches in the final binding of my January place mats this morning! and still 3 weeks left of January to enjoy them.  :)

I used the Gumball Machine free applique from Fat Cat Patterns to make the bigger snow globe. The snow scene was the Challenge fabric for the Lake Country Quilt Guild.  The finished piece was due back at guild in December but I opted not to go to the meeting and focus on Christmas instead.  There was also one other friend who showed her challenge piece also.  :)  I also added the Lil Twister pinwheels from this post. I had actually started my place mats in October but sometimes, Life happens and the sewing/quilting will wait.  :)

We had a lecture on using sheers in quilting so I added a couple of layers of tulle to give the globe a little bit of a shimmer.  I like the effect but wonder on the washing?!  Time will tell, right?

I'm linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict today.

Whoop! Whoop!

Friday, January 4, 2013

RWB Rails

Another finish today...This poor quilt sat pinned to the long arm for about 3 or 4 weeks!  Yesterday, I finally sewed it then made bias binding for it.  Today while the furnace man was here~I sewed back the binding.  This is another quilt I had hoped to finish in 2012 to send to Alycia but a quick finish for 2013. :)

I didn't have quite enough for the backing so a little creativity ala Mary's Off Center backing (with a extra off center strip!)

Since it's Friday and Sarah has Whoop! Whoop!~I'm linking up with her today at

Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Binding Finished!

I finished the binding on this poor quilt last night. I last blogged about it here and it has been packed and traveling with me for the last seven weeks!  It never did see the light of day in Michigan while I was there during November nor December.  :(

This is one of the quilts I had hoped to finish at the end of 2012 to send to Alycia.  Suppose now it is the first finish of 2013!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013