Friday, June 30, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 6.30.2023

A quick run through the long arm with my favorite panto, serpentine and Bible Verses is done! (and bound, too!)

pattern: LindaJ tutorial or Google/Pinterest 'Shadow/ Illusion Quilt'
panto: serpentine

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

WIP Wednesday 6.28.2023

This Bible Verse panel quilt is coming along fast. After the initial shadows were made, it's been pretty straight forward sewing. I got the wild outer border a few weeks ago at a Quilter's Stash Sale that had passed away. The event was ca$h only and all proceeds were donated to the Casual Quilters QOV fund. After getting home and going through 'what' I 'brought'...I thought I needed to have given more $$. The least I can do is use the fabric as a donation as a way to honor our fallen fellow quilter...

pattern: Shadow blocks - a LindaJ tutorial or Google/Pinterest 'Shadow Illusion 

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Monday, June 26, 2023

Design Wall Monday 6.26.2023

 I've had this panel in my stash for what seems like forever! I finally decided to pull it out of the closet and use it...

This is still available for purchase and I was thinking about getting another yard so that I wouldn't have so many repeats but then I thought, 'Let's just use it'. I also decided to make these panel blocks into shadow boxes. One of my first blogger friends shared how to make the shadow boxes a long time ago and I still remember and use her technique. Thank you LindaJ!

pattern: LindaJ and/or check Google and/or Pinterest for 'Shadow Quilts' or
                    'Illusion Quilt'

A quick question for my quilty friends: I am in charge of the 2024 Quilt Challenge for my guild. Which one of the following choices would you be most likely to participant may make any quilty item you want...quilt, table runner, purse or bag, placemat, pincushion or ????

1. use 2.5 inch strips
2. crayon color challenge....receive two crayon colors and use those colors
3. use crumb blocks
4. finish an UFO but 2023 was orphan block challenge


maybe provide a QOV panel and have everyone make a QOV.

Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, June 23, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 6.23.2023

 I have a finish! The Lightening Fast Jelly Roll quilt is ready to go! I bound it in the various reds that I used in the blocks.

panto: serpentine

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

WIP Wednesday 6.21.2023

When I left off on my current quilt, Lightening Fast Jelly Roll by Primitive Gatherings, I was debating to re-use reds for the missing blocks or enhance the red stash...

Well, I went to a fabric stash sale and got more reds! 

Here are all the blocks on the wall. Each block finishes at a whopping 16 inches!

Here they are all sewn together.

pattern: Lightening Fast Jelly Roll by Primitive Gatherings

On Saturday, DH and I met up with DS and his GF. and We took a boat ride! I love boat rides! It was fun to see the kids. It's been far too long...since Christmas and they only live about 60 minutes north of us. 

Note to self...try to visit more often. :)

Monday, June 19, 2023

Design Wall Monday 6.19.2023

So, I did a 'thing'.

I'm pretty sure that I inadvertently promised a few compassion quilts for the hospice not too far from me. I was looking for a place to donate a few larger quilts and when I corresponded with the contact person, I was told that they are looking for twin size quilts that are NOT gender specific. much for those floral and pink UFO's I have been finishing up.

So I started a new quilt in reds and grays, careful to limit the floral patterns in the fabrics. I wanted a quick and easy one. My choice is Lightening Fast Jelly Roll by Primitive Gatherings. The first 5 blocks went together pretty quickly.

Then the next set. 

Now I am stalled. This is my supply of red. I need 6 more blocks. Do I buy more red or repeat the reds I already have used? That its the question...

pattern: Primitive Gathering's Lightening Fast Jelly Roll

Sharing with Judy at Design Wall Monday

I did make one of these quilts before as a Quilt of Valor in 2015, I blogged about it here. This quilt was based on Mary's Chevron Rail Fence.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 6.17.2023

 Today is the third Saturday of June of the color baby blue/green. I'm sticking to my guns and this week I am featuring a brown and tan print from the stash. Time for my set of North Winds blocks.

pattern: North Winds blocks

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Friday, June 16, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 6.16.2023

This was a productive week in the sewing room!

First up is that I finished Baby D's ISPY quilt. It is currently waiting on a label then I can pack it up and mail it... I like to wait until after the baby is born so I can incorporate the baby's initials into the backing.


pattern inspiration: Oh My Stars from Oat Sloan and the quilt from Pinterest
                                    (another dead link)

                        the alphabet is a combination of drunkard's path blocks turned 
                                this way and that.
panto: happy times

I also completed the child's quilt for the Howell Melon Patchers. I followed the directions I was given and I think there was a mistake, This quilt finishes at about 35 x 54. I tried to turn it in but 'they' collect quilts in the fourth Wednesday of the month and it also needs a label.

pattern inspiration: Me and My Sister Jelly Roll #4
panto: vertical serpentine

I also found a quilt in the 'Time Out' pile and quilted it up. I blogged about the trial and tribulations of this quilt here. Hop on over to find out all about 'it'...or NOT. LOL

pattern inspiration: found here
panto: serpentine

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

WIP Wednesday 6.14.2023

 Happy USA Flag Day!

I have the ISPY all sewn together and getting ready to tackle the pieced borders. I wished I would have used a lighter light so the stars would pop.

pattern inspiration: Pat Sloan's Oh My Stars and this quilt from Pinterest 
                                    (another dead link...)

I also pulled for a small quilt for a new guild I started attending. I'm a 'future member' so I better remember to be on my best behavior!

pattern: Me and My Sister Jelly Roll #4

Monday, June 12, 2023

Design Wall Monday 6.12.2023

Remember inn April when I went to my hockey friends' baby shower and made her this Mickey and Minnie Mouse quilt since the new parents love all things Disney?

The baby's due date was June 10, 2023 and I wanted to make an ISPY quilt for tummy time, thinking I had a little bit of time to make it. Well, Baby D decided to arrive 6 weeks early! Yes, he arrived 4 days after his shower and I am finally starting his ISPY quilt.

I've been wanting to make Pat Sloan's Oh My Stars for awhile now. and then I saw this quilt on Pinterest (of course, I troll Pinterest A.LOT!) and it just clicked in my brain. I had already purchased the black and gray for a different setting, so I just went ahead and used the fabric I had.

Sharing with Judy at Design Wall Monday.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 6.10.2023

Today is the Second Saturday of June of baby blue and light green.

I've decided to go 'off the path' this month and concentrate on browns/beige and tan. It is time for my house and hut blocks.  I chose the lighter colors this month as I already had browns picked as my roofs.

The beige/tan house complete with a USA flag! USA Flag Day is on June 13, 2023.

pattern: Debby Brown's Pink Houses

My tan hut.

pattern: an 'oops' that turned into 'that's kinda cool' block

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Friday, June 9, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 6.9.2023

The Crumble Jumble or is it Jumble Crumble is completed! I used an older orange batik print that had most of the colors in it. I was happy to find and then use this little piece of fabric. 

pattern: Crumble Jumble from Bonnie Hunter's String Frenzy book
panto: serpentine

As promised...the rainbow back that I made the quilt top fit. Although, I sewed in a piece of orange Hawaiian fabric to break up the pattern a bit.

I also pulled out another UFO to quilt and bind. The red/white patches were my leader/ender project for awhile and the blue stars frame two sides of the patches. It makes an 8.5 inch unfinished block. It's suppose to look like a basket weave but I don't see it...

panto: Happy Times

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

WIP Wednesday 6.7.2023

This Jumble Crumble quilt is all filled in! 

What's left is to web the top, quilt, bind and perhaps label. Halfway to the finish line...

pattern: Bonnie Hunter's Jumble Crumble in her String Frenzy book.

Monday, June 5, 2023

Design Wall Monday 6.5.2023

I am using another set of orphan blocks to make a small donation quilt. They are the Bonnie Hunter Crumble Jumble blocks leftover from RSC2022. Here is the blogpost about the quilts  that I made with the monthly blocks. I only have a few holes to fill. I'm going for a 40 x 60 child's donation quilt this fit a piece of backing I already have!

pattern: Bonnie Hunter Crumble Jumble block in her String Frenzy book.

Sharing with Judy at Design Wall Monday

Saturday, June 3, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 6.3.2023

Today is the first Saturday of June of the color baby blue and light green. I'm going rogue this month and using brown/beige as my color.

Time for my Happy Blocks.

 pattern: Mary's Happy Blocks

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Friday, June 2, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 6.2.2023

Today I have finishes! Yay!

I put a new needle in the log arm and quilted down this quilt from March 2023. I blogged about this panel quilt here.


panto: Happy Times

I also quilted the random 2.5 inch strip quilt. I blogged about this quilt here.

pattern inspiration: from Pinterest here but it's a dead link.
panto: Happy Times

Now it was time to shift pantograph gears back to my old faithful, serpentine. So the Mary's Rectangles and Breezy Windmills quilt was a good fit.

pattern: Mary's Rectangles and although I didn't use this tutorial,
                MSQC Breezy Windmills (you might need to restart this video)
panto: serpentine