Friday, December 29, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 12.29.2023

I took Little Penguin's advice and went with sawtooth stars with Olaf print in the middle. The parts ready to sew together.

 I thought I take the easy way out and 'see' if I liked the already made pinwheel sawtooth star.

hummmm...that's a no! I made one more star and added a bit to the top and bottom to make Olaf longer but now wished I had added more. Oh and maybe, learn. It's approximately 56 x 67 before quilting.

pattern inspiration: Sidelights by Mountain Creek Creations and the snowman in 
                                    first picture from Pinterest

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

WIP Wednesday 12.27.2023

I decided to work on the Olaf panel from the guild free table. Here is Olaf and my fabric pull.

I 'know' I should make snowflakes as the outer border so I made one. I just wasn't liking it. So I made a pinwheel star to compare. Hummmm....I might go in search of Olaf fabric and make stars with Olaf in the middle. I'll settle on something I like...eventually....

                    Pinterest is so much fun!
            *pinwheel star...12.5 inch unfinished
                     no link...made with cut 3.5 inch squares, hst's and 3.5 x 6.5 inch 
                        flying geese. (I know: preaching to the choir LOL)


Monday, December 25, 2023


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! 

I hope you enjoy your time with family, friends and loved ones!

xo, Pat 

Friday, December 22, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 12.22.2023

With these last three Santa quilts, I met my challenge to make 8 Christmas themed quilts since Thanksgiving!

Santa Fishing A:

 Santa Fishing B:

pattern inspiration: Hopscotch from Quilting Renditions
panto: serpentine

Motorcycle Santa (I lost count!...really #6)

pattern: Mock Trip Around the World by Quilting Assistant
panto: serpentine

No sharing today as the linky parties are 'off' for Christmas break. :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

WIP Wednesday 12.20.2023

 One fish...

Two fish...

pattern inspiration: Hopscotch by Quilting Renditions

After my two Santa Fisherman are completed, I have two more Santa Motorcycles to make. Here are another set of blocks ready to be sewn together.

Oooops! After sewing countless Mock Trip Around the World blocks together, you would think I would check the parts orientation before sewing! Looks like I'll be inviting 'Jack' to a little pre-holiday gathering....LOL On the bright side, I only mis-sewed 17 and not the whole batch of 44 blocks. :)

Sharing today with Susan at MidWeek Makers.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Design Wall Monday 12.18.2023

I'm happy to say that I am zero-ing in on my Christmas quilt goal. The next two quilts have a Santa fishing panel. Because, what fisherman doesn't want a Fishing Santa Quilt?! LOL

Here is the panel and the fabric draws.

pattern inspiration: Hopscotch by Quilting Renditions

Sharing today with Judy at Design Wall Monday

Saturday, December 16, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 12.16.2023

Today is the third Saturday of December of finishes!

Time for my NorthWinds quilt!

panto: serpentine

This is my last finish for the RSC2023. I totally dropped the ball on the braids but...I did buy and receive the pattern Autumn Braids. 

Friday, December 15, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 12.15.2023

Today is the day!

Grab your favorite drink and see if you can spot the differences...

Santa Motorcycle A:

Santa Motorcycle B:

Santa Motorcycle C:

Santa Motorcycle D:

pattern: Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World
panto: serpentine

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Can you tell all the boys like motorcycles...well, except for the newest member who married into the family last year. He's a fisherman....

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

WIP Wednesday 12.13.2023

It seems like I have quite a few irons in the fire today...

The first one: binding on the 4th Santa Motorcycle quilt and I lost at bobbin chicken. Bummer...I'm going to make a long post about all 4 quilts together on Friday! Stay tuned!

Second item: The night guild meeting is tomorrow night and I like to show a little something that ties into the 2024 Quilt Challenge of Birthday Bash. For December's birthdays I think of mittens, red, green and of course, all things Christmas. I made a foster kid's bag using fabric that features red and green mittens. Some day, I'll figure out a good way to take a picture of a bag!

The next thing (or things) I made were a few Meals on Wheels placemats. This month I sewed longer strips. Red, green and Christmas prints. 

Item 3: Since QOV Sew Day falls on the same day as the Guild meeting, I invited the out-of-towners to my house for the couple of hours between the end of sew day and the guild meeting. I plan to put a lasagna in the oven with some garlic bread and a salad. Should be a pretty easy meal. My friend Mary suggested an activity. So...we are making angels that Mary is sharing. On the left is my practice angel and on the right are 8 flat angels, all ready to be tied, twisted and bowed! ( link for the angel construction)

My fourth and most exciting item: I put the fabric on the design wall for the Fishing Santa quilts!!!

Sharing all this wonderfulness with Susan at MidWeek Makers.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Design Wall Monday 12.11.2023

 As promised, here are the Christmas spool blocks that I won in the MelonHeads Christmas lottery! They are all so pretty and beautiful. I'm thinking about making two more for an even 24 blocks. I'm not sure 'where' our party leader sourced the pattern so I am including a picture of the directions, too. 


I'm still working away on the Santa Motorcycle quilts...

Sharing with Judy at Design Wall Monday.

Saturday, December 9, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 12.9.2023

Today is the second Saturday of December of the month of finishes! Both of the blocks were a fun make throughout the year. The huts are another way to use the crumb blocks that I like to make!

My Little Pink houses...pattern by Debby Brown

panto: vertical serpentine

Here are my huts.

pattern: crumb blocks with a flat roof
panto: vertical serpentine

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Thursday, December 7, 2023

WIP Wednesday 12.7.2023 on a Thursday!

 I finished piecing the next Santa Motorcycle top. My plaid matching is improving. LOL

pattern: Quilting Assistant's Mock Trip Around the World

I started the next Santa Motorcycle top. There must have been a big breeze because, ooops...quite a few of the blocks fell off the design wall. I hate it when that happens! I do believe I am past due to replace the flannel backed tablecloths that make up part of the design wall.

This was at our spot at the MelonHeads Christmas party. It was a fun party with a few games, delicious food and sweet company. I did win the Christmas spool blocks...picture to come after I get the current Santa Motorcycle off the design wall. I also won a table runner but opted out of the table runner. I don't really have a place for it and I thought it would give someone else a chance to win.

I also took the time to go to another quilt shop to see about speakers. It was a really fun shop called Rockin' Bobbin. It is really small and just two employees that don't present any lectures and didn't know anyone who does. She did refer me to another quilt shop a little farther away to investigate. My search for speaker continues...

Time for me to get into the sewing room and sew, sew, sew!

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Monday, December 4, 2023

Design Wall Monday 12.4.2023

 Another day, another set for the Santa Motorcycle pillow panel.

The giftee is not very tall, so this one I opted for no border. It finishes at approximately 54 x 72 before quilting.

pattern: Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World

In a weak moment, I agreed to look into obtaining an in-person speaker for my day guild. My first stop was the Hartland Quilt Shop to see if the owner traveled for programs or had any leads. The owner doesn't travel for programs and the worker had no leads. :(

On the bright side, I did find some fishing theme fabric for a few Christmas quilts. :)

Saturday, December 2, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 12.2.2023

Today is the first Saturday of December of the month of finishes!

I finished one Happy Blocks quilt for donation.

              staggered setting inspired by Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun
                        than Housework
panto: serpentine

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