Wednesday, December 13, 2023

WIP Wednesday 12.13.2023

It seems like I have quite a few irons in the fire today...

The first one: binding on the 4th Santa Motorcycle quilt and I lost at bobbin chicken. Bummer...I'm going to make a long post about all 4 quilts together on Friday! Stay tuned!

Second item: The night guild meeting is tomorrow night and I like to show a little something that ties into the 2024 Quilt Challenge of Birthday Bash. For December's birthdays I think of mittens, red, green and of course, all things Christmas. I made a foster kid's bag using fabric that features red and green mittens. Some day, I'll figure out a good way to take a picture of a bag!

The next thing (or things) I made were a few Meals on Wheels placemats. This month I sewed longer strips. Red, green and Christmas prints. 

Item 3: Since QOV Sew Day falls on the same day as the Guild meeting, I invited the out-of-towners to my house for the couple of hours between the end of sew day and the guild meeting. I plan to put a lasagna in the oven with some garlic bread and a salad. Should be a pretty easy meal. My friend Mary suggested an activity. So...we are making angels that Mary is sharing. On the left is my practice angel and on the right are 8 flat angels, all ready to be tied, twisted and bowed! ( link for the angel construction)

My fourth and most exciting item: I put the fabric on the design wall for the Fishing Santa quilts!!!

Sharing all this wonderfulness with Susan at MidWeek Makers.


Delighted Hands said...

What wonderful creativness for you at the busy time of year!

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Pat, those are great projects! I love your fishing Santa panel. Hope all of your plans work out :-)

Judy S. said...

You always have such cool projects! Wherever did you find that money fabric? It made me smile.

Marsha Cooper said...

I would love to know more of making the angels....that seems like such a cool project to share.

Susan said...

Adorable angels! They look pretty simple to make.